Confused about PCOS?

Hello. I’m Clare

Let me guess……

You’re feeling like PCOS has stolen your body?

It’s made you gain weight, sprout hairs in places you never thought possible, continue to get pimples well into adult life, made your periods painful, irregular or just plain non existent. Then there is the fatigue (no, it’s not normal), bloating or irritable bowel symptoms and maybe even depression

Was there ever a disorder that could make you feel less feminine?

I highly doubt it.

Your GP’s prescribed you the pill, and maybe a low grade antibiotic for your acne and told you to lose some weight
(in a very condescending manner). No one seems to appreciate that you’ve been trying to do exactly that


You’ve tried every trick in the book.

Exercising more and more, cutting calories, going low carb and low GI.

When you’ve become disillusioned with that, you’ve tried every other diet out there.

Worse yet, everyone around you seems to be able to eat well during the week….well Monday- Wednesday anyway, and then ‘treat themselves’ for the rest of the week, and not gain an ounce.

Whereas all you have to do is sniff the chocolate aisle and you gain a kilo.

It’s not fair……….
and it doesn’t have to be this way.

How do I know all this?
Because I’ve been you.

I knew I needed to lose some weight to reverse my insulin resistance and PCOS,
yet I was already doing everything right.

I had the diet of a Nutrition 303 textbook

I trained hard. Like really hard.

I was a competitive runner and triathlete, competing for New Zealand at the World Championships. I was training up to 25 hours a week, and recording every calorie

Yet my weight was gradually increasing, I was continuously sprouting volcanos out my face, I was bone tired all the time, and I hadn’t had a period for 2 years.

I even had a double degree with
honours in Exercise Prescription and Human Nutrition

But I was still overweight (how MORTIFYING). If I couldn’t work this weight thing out, how could I help anyone else?

Because you know what they taught us? It’s all about calories in- calories out….and maybe a bit to do with carbs. I called BS. I knew there was something else going on.

So I hunted. I read all the scientific literature on PCOS and I talked to different endocrinologists and experts.

Then in the depths of the internet I finally found an answer. I found a group of Functional Medicine experts talking about curing chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Obesity and PCOS by treating the root cause of the illness, not the symptoms.

Absolute genius.

I set about learning everything I could about the potential underlying causes of PCOS.

I enrolled in Functional Medicine training and studied hormones and gut health and figured out what was going on in my body.

The result?
I reversed my PCOS

That’s why I now specialise in helping women reverse their PCOS


Because just like me, you’re hungry.


Not just because you’ve been eating 1000 calories since forever, but hungry for an answer.


You know that exercising more and eating less doesn’t work because you’ve been doing that for the last decade.


You know that it’s not just about diet because you’ve tried them all: Low GI, Dukan, 5-2, Aitkins, South Beach, the shakes, the Lemon Detox and all the rest


You’re thoroughly over it.


You want a long term solution that actually reverses your PCOS rather than treating the symptoms.


You want to be in control again.


But you feel like you’re missing a trick.


And that’s because you are. PCOS is a really complex metabolic disorder involving multiple bodily systems.


While diet is important, it’s only one part of the equation.


We need to find your underlying cause and treat that.

Working with me

First I’ll help you discover what your individual PCOS pattern is, and then I’ll teach you about why that’s happening and give you scientifically proven tools to fix it.

I’m living proof that you can live without feeling like you’ve been trapped in a sumo suit.

The fact is that PCOS is reversible. It’s your choice whether you want
to do it.

So please don’t live like this any longer, bouncing from diet to diet, hoping to find the secret.

It doesn’t have to be this way

If you’re willing to step up and take the plunge then you will be successful too.

I provide lots of free content right here on the site to help you identify the root cause of your PCOS and treat it.

But, you also don’t have to go through it alone.

I offer private consultations where I use your blood test results and symptoms to find your root cause and create a treatment plan for you.

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So are you ready to rip off that sumo suit?

Because if I can do it, you can too.

Clare x