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One on one support to help you thrive with PCOS.

We are dedicated to identifying the drivers of your PCOS through a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of your health history, lab results and overall lifestyle.  We’ll then create you an individualised treatment plan that addresses not only your symptoms, but the underlying drivers of your PCOS.

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How it works

Initial 75 minute consultation 

Every person with PCOS is different, and that’s why we take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences. Your first consultation is were we uncover your main PCOS drivers and then start your treatment plan.  If you would benefit from any further testing or supplements, we’ll suggest these to you, but you can decide if you don’t want them.

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45 minute followup consultation

From there you can book 45 minute followup sessions as needed.  Everyone is different.  You might feel like you need a followup in 2 weeks time or 2 months time.  You’re in control.


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Expert guidance wherever you are in the world

All our consultations are held via Zoom, so it doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world.  So long you have an internet connection and a device, we can help.

Our team are all degree qualified nutritionists with additional qualifications in exercise science, natural fertility education and disordered eating and they are all experts in PCOS.

A treatment plan, unique to you and your PCOS

Everyone has a unique PCOS story and unique challenges.  Many people we work with also have other conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Endometriosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, PMDD or Peri-menopause to name a few.

We first identify your PCOS drivers (root causes) and then create a treatment plan for you that addresses this.  This could include changing what you eat, how you move, your sleep, stress and vitamin and mineral levels.


We can also suggest medications to talk to your doctor about, such as progesterone, a better type of contraceptive pill for your symptoms, fertility or insulin drugs.

We’ll talk to you about the best ways to improve your symptoms, and you can choose the right approach for you.

Hear from people we’ve worked with

“My main goal when I started working with The PCOS Nutritionist team was weight loss.  I’ve lost weight and that’s been amazing.  But I’ve been amazed at how many other benefits I’ve also seen, like the reduction in facial hair growth, having more energy, having my sex drive come back, I don’t crave carbs and sugar like I used to and my period comes like clockwork. 

But most importantly, I finally feel well, I feel alive again!”

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“After 2 years of trying and multiple failed fertility drug rounds, I was told that IVF was my only option.  That didn’t sit well with me, so I booked a consult with The PCOS Nutritionist team.

After implementing the changes it took only 1 month for me to get my period, and then 4 months later I was pregnant completely naturally.  I also lost quite a lot of weight, and my energy levels were so much better (I kind of felt like I was superwoman!) and I wasn’t hungry all the time!”

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No compulsory tests or supplements

We respect your budget, time and preferences.  We don’t expect or demand any further testing upfront.  We’ve been specialising in PCOS for long enough so we can identify most factors from very specific symptoms we ask you about.  If we really suspect something else, like a thyroid condition or iron deficiency, we’ll explain why we think this and give you the option to look into this further.

Of course if you just love data and want all the tests, we’re so happy to help you with this. We have relationships with laboratories all over the world

When it comes to supplements, we’ll recommend them if you have suboptimal levels or a condition that warrants this. However we try to keep this to 3 supplements if we can. We’ll always work to your budget and if we need to find you a cheaper alternative, we will.

We find we can save most people money by optimizing the supplements they are taking.

Working with your health insurer

Our services may be covered by your health insurance plan, if it includes coverage for consultations with a Registered Nutritionist. We recommend that you contact them first to ensure that they will cover this.

We will provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.


Emma Wylie

Qualified Nutritionist, eating disorder accredited

Emma is Registered Nutritionist with a passion for helping people with PCOS.  She’s helped hundreds of women with PCOS improve their symptoms through targeted lifestyle therapy.  Emma has a special interest in disordered eating, thyroid and gut health alongside PCOS.

Charlie Hawkins

Qualified Nutritionist, eating disorder accredited  

Charlie is a qualified nutritionist and health coach  and also has a background in psychology and exercise science. Charlie has worked with hundreds of  people with PCOS to improve their symptoms and uses her background in health coaching to help create lasting habits. Charlie also has a special interest and personal experience with thyroid and gut health issues, alongside PCOS.

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