The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast

EPISODE 1: Treating the root cause


Ever wondered what on earth I mean when I say “fix the root cause” as it pertains to PCOS?  I mean, isn’t PCOS a genetic condition? 


Welcome to our very, very first episode of The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast. 


Thanks so much for all your messages over the past months and even years telling me that I need to do this.  I’ve finally made it a priority because, well, because I hardly ever get time to read anything, and podcasts and audio books are LIFE.   While I’m unpacking the dishwasher, doing a bicep curl or watching someone trying to sneak in front of me on the motorway, I’m listening and learning. I knew you’d all be in the same boat as me, so put those ear pods in and flick me an email with what you’re loving and what you want to hear more of.


Highlights, takeaways and quick wins: 


Our genes predispose us to PCOS– no questions there

– These genes that predispose us as also the genes that are going to help us survive when the Apocalypse happens (come at me doomsdayers!)

– But there is always a system in our body that’s also gone a bit haywire that’s also driving with our PCOS- and this is what we can change!

Insulin is the most common driver of PCOS (up to 80% of us have some insulin resistance)

– My own experience: My genetic predisposition from 2 grandmothers with insulin resistance and/or Type 2 diabetes

– I was competing for New Zealand in running and triathlon when I developed insulin resistance- so insulin resistance isn’t just caused by eating too much and exercising too little- like I’d been told. 

– Stress (over exercising) was contributing to my insulin resistance

Treating my root cause (insulin and high stress hormones) helped improve my testosterone levels 

Reducing my testosterone also helped me lose weight, improve my acne, get my periods back after 2 years


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 I appreciate your listening and reading more than you could know.  You are incredible and I know that you are doing so much just to put one foot in front of the other right now.  Keep going and keep learning-  it doesn’t have to feel like this forever. 

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  1. Hello,
    I just listen your first podcast, it is great.
    I changed to veganism and I am having my period regularly.
    I change my life style too.
    I was wandering if biting nails is a symptom too ? I have ben doing it for years ( since I was 6 years old) and since I change my lifestyle and diet, I stop bitting my nails .

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