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Season 3 Episode 3: More is not better when it comes to exercise.


Exercise can never be a bad thing, right? Yes it can if you’re killing yourself with lots of high intensity or endurance exercise and your hormones are suffering.

I know this as I have been there 🙋

And I see it happening to many of you too. The story is always the same. You’re already exercising, but start putting on weight, so you think “My current hour run/ spin class/ HIIT workout is clearly not enough, let’s double or triple that.”

Then you don’t lose any weight, or your PCOS symptoms don’t improve so you’re terrified of reducing that amount of exercise because everything might then spiral out of control.

But this is where our rationale is completely off:  more is not better when it comes to endurance and high intensity exercise.

So in this week’s episode of The PCOS Nutritionist podcast, I outline what’s actually going on with our hormones, why more exercise isn’t better and how to tell if you’re overdoing it.

This episode isn’t going to be relevant for everyone, but if you nodded your head to any of the above- it’s for you!

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