Season 6 Episode 6: Your Guide to Birth Control (Part 3): Permanent Birth Control Procedures

Season 5 Episode 3: How long does it take to actually see change in PCOS symptoms?


Told to just ‘come back when you want kids’? Check. Told to ‘go on the pill to help symptoms’ and pretty much nothing else? Check. Consulted Dr. Google more than a few times on other ways to address your symptoms? Check. Ended up MORE frustrated than you were and the beginning? MASSIVE CHECK.

It’s the story for most of us. When we ask our doctors what we should do now that we know we have PCOS, the response is almost always ‘go on the pill’ annnnnd that’s it.

And when we turn to alternatives, it feels like literally nothing works. No matter how much influencers have told us that [insert diet here] made wonders of a difference to their symptoms, we just can’t seem to find anything that makes any difference.

And after a few months of this diet and that regime, you end up more frustrated, more disheartened and less confident than you were initially. If you feel like you’ve literally tried every single thing on the list of ‘things you can do for PCOS’ – girl I HEAR you.

I think that’s something a lot of us can relate to. Which is why for this podcast, I brought on the wonderful Michelle. 

If you pulled out a full, mile long list of things to do for PCOS, she’s done them all. 

It wasn’t until she figured out WHY her symptoms were happening that she saw change – not when she was chucking every fad diet, juice cleanse and 30-day fat loss challenges at her symptoms hoping for that instant result.

Because let’s be honest, if PCOS had an overnight fix, I wouldn’t be here doing what I do and you would’ve figured it out by now!

We talk all about her journey from diagnosis to now, what really made a difference to her symptoms, and her tips for sticking to changes. I can guarantee most of you will listen to this episode and think ‘me too!’. If you’ve been struggling with hangry attacks, weight gain, acne and have been told pretty much zilch on what the next steps are, you’ve come to the right place.

This episode is for you if:

– You’ve been struggling with weight gain, hangry attacks and acne.

– You haven’t been able to get answers from your doctor(s)

– You’ve been put on the Pill for your PCOS

– You live rurally and are struggling to find options for managing your PCOS

– You’re not seeing or feeling any progress in your symptoms

Some things we cover in this episode:

– The surface clean and deep clean approach to your PCOS

– Finding help for your PCOS when you live rurally

– TTC and fertility

– Addressing ALL PCOS symptoms rather than just looking at it from a ability to conceive perspective

– Hormone testing

– How to deal with seeing no changes in symptoms

– Keto and intermittent fasting

– Insulin resistance and hangry attacks

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