Season 6 Episode 1: Why is my weight not budging no matter how much I diet and exercise?

Season 5 Episode 6: The long term effects of not addressing our insulin resistance with Professor Grant Schofield


So you’ve got insulin resistance. We know that it’s so important to address our insulin resistance, not only for our PCOS symptoms but also for our overall health in general.

Because let’s be real, when we’re elderly, we want to be as active and mobile as possible and just drop dead. We don’t want to be decrepit, falling apart and dealing with chronic issues for years and years before we die.

So what happens if you just don’t address it? What are the long term complications of leaving it be and just going on something like the Pill? Is it fine or could it have dire consequences on our longevity and long term health?

Because insulin and insulin resistance is something I harp on about all the time, I thought it was really important to address this question. I see so many women go on the Pill thinking that it’s the be all and end all (FYI, it’s not). 

Yes, changing your lifestyle might be difficult – especially at the beginning – but is it really worth leaving your insulin unmanaged now if it’s going to cause so many problems and even reduce your longevity? I talk about how important it is to eat and move to manage your PCOS as well as managing stress, sleep and supplements but for this episode, I really want to hone in on that WHY.

So for this episode, I spoke with the wonderful Prof. Grant Schofield of Prekure. Grant is also the Director of The Centre for Human Potential and Professor in Public Health at Auckland University of Technology, was Chief Scientific Advisor to the New Zealand Ministry of Education and an author of four best-selling health books.

He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preventative medicine and public health and has a particular interest in chronic diseases.

All my insulin resistant PCOS ladies, this one’s for you – and even if you don’t have insulin resistance, it’s definitely worth tuning in to. 

This episode is for you if:

– Have insulin resistance or pre-type 2 diabetes

– Have trouble trying to shift weight and it seems to come on out of nowhere

– You’re eating ‘healthy’, exercising and following the guidelines but there’s no change in your symptoms

Some things we cover in this episode:

– Long term complications of insulin resistance

– Managing your exercise to get the most out of it

– Preventative medicine

– What glycation is and why it’s important to insulin resistance

– Why the food pyramid doesn’t actually cut it for everyone – especially for women with PCOS

– Inflammation

– The catabolic state

– Clare and Grant talk about their time as athletes and how the practices in those situations can be detrimental to someone with insulin issues

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References and Resources:

– Grant’s website –

– PreKure –

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