Root Cause Workshop

The 7 day course to help you identify what’s driving your hormonal imbalance.

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Have you been diagnosed with PCOS and been told:

“You’re going to struggle to conceive”
or “Just go on the pill and come back and see us when you want to get pregnant and we’ll deal with it then”
or “You just need to loose weight”
or conversely “you don’t need to loose weight so changing your diet won’t help”.

In Getting Pregnant with PCOS you’ll learn the real truth. PCOS doesn’t make you infertile, you can ovulate and get pregnant naturally and weight loss shouldn’t be the focus.

The secret is to get to the root cause of your PCOS- and this is exactly where this Root Cause Workshop will help.

In the “Root Cause’ workshop you’ll uncover:

  • Your personal ‘Root Cause’ using my evidence based methods
  • What your ‘Root Cause’ means in terms of the systems that aren’t functioning optimally in your body
  • How this ‘Root Cause’ is contributing to your symptoms- your fertility/ periods troubles, acne, hair growth, hair loss, low energy etc
  • And most importantly, what you need to do to start reversing your ‘Root Cause’.

Next intake starts late January

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What you get with this course

Access to our ‘Root Cause’/ ‘Type’ identifier This is where you’ll enter your information to uncover your ‘Root Cause’ Daily module emails Daily emails from Clare each morning to help guide your through your ‘Root Cause’ journey Educational videos 15 educational videos from Clare, explaining your Root Cause and what this means. 20 downloadable resources Quizzes, Worksheets, key points and checklists to help you uncover your ‘Root Cause’ Access to the private Facebook forum and the course platform  where you will be supported through the whole course  

I’m Clare, I’ll be guiding you through this workshop

I’m a Registered Nutritionist and exercise scientist.  Yet even with these qualifications, I couldn’t manage my own PCOS. Missing periods, acne and incessant weight gain that kept coming and none of it made sense. I had the diet of of a Nutrition 303 textbook, and I trained hard up to 25 hours a week.

I knew there was something else going on.  So I hunted.  I read all the scientific literature on PCOS and I talked to different endocrinologists and experts. Then in the depths of the internet I finally found an answer.  I found a group of Functional Medicine experts talking about reversing chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, and PCOS by treating the root cause of the illness, not the symptoms.

Absolute genius.

I set about learning everything I could about the potential underlying causes of PCOS.  I enrolled in Functional Medicine training and studied hormones and gut health and figured out what was going on in my body.  The result?My symptoms improved!

This is why I developed this method for other women with PCOS and want to help you through this too.

 I’ve now helped thousands of women understand what’s happening in their body, so that they can not only improve their symptoms, but almost more importantly, develop compassion towards their body.


Clare Goodwin

Next intake starts late January

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Do I need to get lab tests prior to starting?

+ No you don’t.  Most of the common labs that your doctor will do, especially for insulin resistance, aren’t sensitive to pick up early stage insulin issues anyway. We start with your symptoms, 90% of the time, I can identify what’s happening based on your symptoms, then if you REALLY need some labs, I can tell you exactly which ones to get to confirm.  And also help you with ordering these yourself in most countries.

I’m really busy, how much time will I need to complete this?

+ Set aside 30 minutes a day to go through the modules.

Can I do this while still under the pill?

+ Yes, absolutely!  While the pill does change your sex hormones, it doesn’t change the hormones and systems we’re looking at for your ‘Root Cause’.

I’m based in X, can I do the Root Cause Workshop?

+ Yes! You can do this wherever you are in the world.  This is the beauty of the internet and what Covid has taught us! The only limiting factor is that we currently only have an English speaking team.

What happens after the ‘Root Cause’ workshop?

+ After this, we’d recommend that you start working on your personal root cause by adapting your lifestyle and/or talking to your doctor about medication that can help with this. We can help you with the lifestyle part if you want to continue onto our PCOS Protocol program, or you can work with someone else. It’s entirely up to you.

Can I do this while on Metformin, Spiro or other medications?

+ Yes, in most cases medications don’t dramatically change the hormones and systems we’re looking at for your ‘Root Cause’.

My main PCOS symptoms are acne, hair loss, hair growth, fertility/period troubles, weight gain, low energy, sugar cravings, incessant hunger etc Can the Root Cause workshop help me with these?

+ Yes!  The first step in understanding what treatments will improve your symptoms, is to identify the Root Cause. For example your fertility troubles might be cause by high stress hormones, where are Sally’s might be cause by her insulin.  Therefore the treatments will be vastly different.

Will the ‘Root Cause’ workshop cover any testing and will you help me interpret those results?

+ We do talk about testing in this program and provide suggestions on testing you can get done (that’s relevant to your type) however we will not cover interpretation of the results in this program. You’ll need to speak to a practitioner for test interpretation – whether that’s in our PCOS Protocol or with another qualified practitioner with an understanding and background in PCOS.

I think I have PCOS, but haven’t been diagnosed yet. Should I do the ‘Root Cause’ workshop?

+ No, we’d recommend that you get this diagnosis first before doing the workshop. We don’t want to waste your money if you don’t have PCOS.

Next intake starts late January

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