Carrie and her thoughts on the PCOS Protocol


A little bit of background and how I learned about the Protocol

Hi! I am Carrie, a mom of two girls, 42 years young and I live outside of Boston. I didn’t know I have PCOS until I tried having kids which was around 10 years ago.

I’ve had irregular cycles my entire life and have been on birth control since I was 16. Due to this I’ve had really bad acne as a kid but miraculously got through all of that. Back then, it didn’t really matter much to me but I’ve always felt that my body never really felt quite right.

Only when we were trying to have kids did I finally found out that I have PCOS. I was devastated, to say the least. I remember hysterically crying especially that my doctor bombarded me with things that need to be done to “answer” my fertility issues but nothing whatsoever on what PCOS really is. This was the beginning of my struggle to know more about PCOS and what a horrible time it was especially that most of the materials I came across ended up with me picturing myself as someone who will end up bald, overweight and unable to have kids. It was awful!

I ended up going for the fertility treatments and not really doing anything to address my (PCOS) condition, as per my doctor’s directive. I wish I could have met Clare sooner as I’d like to have done things differently–more naturally- as the fertility treatment was a time of great stress and heartache. It was all about medication at the time; you shoot yourself with this or that needle and nary a word on what I can change in my lifestyle (diet, exercise etc.). Luckily, I got my two beautiful kids from these treatments but I felt that I could have eliminated all that stress if I had met Clare and done a different route. Who knows?

Fast forward to a year ago. I was still on the pill and I noticed that my hair is starting to shed and I completely panicked! That was when I started researching about PCOS. The search was really confusing to be honest as there are a LOOOOT of resources available online and a number of people claiming to be experts in the field, giving out advise on what to do, what to eat etc. It was a lot to take in. You would think that since I live in a great city that there would be a lot PCOS specialist here too, but there are none. I even tried to go to an endocrinologist and although they may know about PCOS, they don’t give you the time or the information you really need to help you reverse your PCOS symptoms.

When I first saw the Protocol, I thought the course was priced reasonably. However, my main concern really is, “Who the heck is Clare?” and “Is she for real?” I totally love her and would speak to anybody about her now but at the time, my thought was that I could be completely scammed. I remember going to my husband and telling him, “This is how much it cost” and he didn’t skip a beat and said, “Just do it!” And I did! I signed up the very same day and just crossed my fingers that it is all legit.


My type and symptoms

I am insulin resistant but later on switched to adrenal as I realised that most of my symptoms were triggered by my stress. My top symptoms were being sluggish, weight around the belly and my inability to lose it, hair loss, intense sugar cravings and my inability to go without food for more than 2 hours.

What I’ve learned going through the program

It is quite a unique approach and I believe I wouldn’t know how I would have grasped this information any other way than doing this protocol. In fact I believe nobody else really talks about the different “types” of PCOS–all these different things that could be the underlying cause of your condition. You can do your own research in the internet but you’re going to get very general information which may or may not help you but I know for sure would be very confusing. The information you get online could be so overwhelming that you would end up not sticking to anything and whatever changes you do would not be sustainable as you will just keep on researching and researching,  like getting on a hamster wheel.

I believe a lot of you are agreeing with me right now and are saying, “Yep, I have done the same and spent hours researching on what I can do with my symptoms–hair loss, acne, infertility”. These are major issues that have led us to a lot of stress, sleepless nights and have caused us unnecessary anxiety as we keep on doing things we see online, without any visible changes afterwards.

This program focuses you and gives you clear directives that you can do to impact these symptoms. This is the first program that was able to help me focus and I feel like I will never go back to where I’ve been before. It is so invaluable.

I was also able to know the tests that would help me get a more concrete picture of my condition which was never really relayed to me before, despite the number of practitioners I have gone to. Having the option to get these tests done myself, via the links that Clare shared, helped me gain more control of my health.

Changes I’ve experienced with the Protocol

I can now say that I never, ever, ever, ever get hangry– which is really quite freeing. The sugar cravings are pretty much gone too. For the most part, eating cookies and such is more habitual and based on traditions now and not because of a craving that won’t go away.

Things started to taste different–they taste much sweeter than they used to. Now, they literally gross me out just thinking of eating them (candies, chocolate, cookies etc.). I broke my cycle and I don’t even crave those stuff anymore.

Another major change is that I have more energy now. I am now even at the point where I make a conscious effort to be able to sleep at a reasonable hour as I also know how connected my lack of sleep is to my glucose reading the following day–which kind of sets the mood for my day.

My hair shedding also decreased, maybe because I don’t worry about it as much which is amazing!

Lastly, I believe that my anxiety is gone or I don’t have much at all! I used to be a very anxious person. I think maybe because I feel more empowered now due to my acquired knowledge, like I am more in control. Or it could be physical- maybe there is something that I am doing that is helping. I am no longer feeling overwhelmed or anxious. I am not saying I feel perfect all the time but it has definitely gone down for me.

On glucometer testing

I hate needles! I hate it so much that I’ve put if off as much as I could because of my fear of pricking. Now, I am addicted to it! Even after the program, I am still doing it and went beyond to testing not even the times when I eat carbohydrates but also check my blood glucose after eating certain fruits, just to give me a better grasp of the food that triggers a spike in my sugar.

Knowing what my body can and cannot tolerate is very enlightening. I now know what I can eat, what is good for me and what spikes my blood sugar. I don’t even have to measure since I don’t eat as much as I used to because I am not even hungry for the most part. It is very freeing!

The most beneficial part of the course for me

I found the weekly calls really helpful. It gave me the opportunity to get clearer on some of the issues that I faced while doing the program. It also served as an avenue for me to get to know Clare more and the other women that are with me in this round.

Having the Facebook group is also a great thing provided by the Protocol as it gives you the support you could never get anywhere else. Being with these beautiful women who are experiencing the same things gives you the sense that you are not alone. Reading about each other’s struggles and wins lets you know that there are others who are with you on this journey.

Final words

Clare and her protocol has been such a gift to me–especially for women like me who have been struggling with this condition for so long.

It’s worth anybody’s time. If you’re on the fence, just do it. I beg you. It has made such an impact in my life and I know in others as well in my group. It’s the best thing I did for myself and the best gift you could give yourself too.


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