PCOS is a condition of your genetics not playing nicely with your lifestyle. 

While you can’t change your genetics, you can our lifestyle (what we eat, how we move, how much we sleep, and what nutrients we get), to work with our body, rather than against it.

Our job is to help you understand that what changes are going to have the biggest impact on your PCOS symptoms.

And most importantly, that these are changes that you can sustain long term.

Clare with client on the beach

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to identify the main systems in your body that aren’t working optimally. We call this the ‘root cause’.

The systems that mostly go a bit haywire in PCOS are:

  • Your insulin – a hormone that controls your blood sugar
  • Your stress hormones
  • Your thyroid
  • Inflammation

All of these impact the symptoms you see on the outside like – acne, hair loss, hair growth, fertility issues or missing periods.

And once we’ve identified the problem, we can show you the evidence based changes that are going to have the biggest impact.

How we help you

The PCOS Protocol

This is our signature program.


Eggducated is our program that teaches you how to understand your menstrual cycles, and when/if you’re ovulating. This is especially important for those of you trying to conceive.

1:1 Consultations

This is for you if you:

  • Don’t want to be in a group program
  • You have other symptoms that wouldn’t make you a good fit for our PCOS Protocol program
  • You want our eyes across all your health symptoms and lab tests
  • You just want to pay a bit more to have that 1:1 focus

Plus, we have LOADS of free information on the blog and podcast

Why we do what we do

We’re sick of women with PCOS being told:

“There’s nothing you can do for your symptoms, this is just something you’re going to have to live with”
“Just take ‘the pill’ and come back when you want to get pregnant”
“You just need to lose weight”

You’re sick of this too? You’re in good company.

How do we know this?

We get you- we have PCOS too. Our founder, Clare, is a Registered Nutritionist who has PCOS too. She knows what it’s like to get all these.

Clare sitting on a couch looking through content in a book

We’re not anti medicine

We’re no ‘all natural’ but neither are we ‘all drugs’.

Our philosophy is to take the great parts of modern medicine and pairing that with lifestyle treatments to get YOU the best outcome.

We want you to be fully informed about ALL your options, and the pros and cons of each.

You’re the CEO of your health, and you need all the options in front of you to make the best decisions.


Clare Goodwin

Our Fearless Leader

Clare is the mind behind The PCOS Nutritionist and all our programs. She is Registered Nutritionist, Exercise scientist and trained teacher in natural fertility. And most importantly, she has PCOS too so she gets you.

Sophia Miller

Podcast, Social Media and Community Manager

Sophia is the brains behind our podcast and social media. If you’ve listened to one of our podcasts (if not, do it now!), or read any of our Instagram posts – that’s her brilliant work. She’ll also be your biggest cheerleader in The PCOS Protocol.

Rodge Banlaygas

Chief of Operations

Rodge is kind voice at the end of the email when you reach out to us. She’s also our chief of operations, making sure everything runs smoothly and ensuring you’re all well looked after in our PCOS protocol program.

Emma Wylie

Senior Nutritionist

Emma is our Senior Registered Nutritionist. She’s in charge of all things optimising our offerings to you. She’s also there to help you with all of your nutritional science and lifestyle questions in The PCOS Protocol.

Charlie Hawkins

Junior Nutritionist

Charlie is our champion supporter (she’s the best) for all our PCOS Protocolers, on hand to help you with any of burning questions on PCOS, nutrition, exercise and more. Being an Accredited Sports Nutritionist (Aus & NZ) she’s got a wealth of knowledge to share in this area.

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