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Getting Pregnant with PCOS

An evidence-based approach to treat the root causes of polycystic ovary syndrome and boost your fertility.

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS and been told:

“You’re going to struggle to conceive” or
“Just go on the Pill and come back and see us when you want to get pregnant and we’ll deal with it then” or
“You just need to lose weight” or
“You don’t need to loose weight so changing your diet won’t help”

In “Getting Pregnant with PCOS”, you’ll learn the real truth. PCOS doesn’t make you infertile, you can ovulate and get pregnant naturally and weight loss shouldn’t be the focus.

The secret is to get to the root cause of your PCOS.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The evidence-based approach of how to get to the root cause of your PCOS and improve your fertility
  • The supplements, nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle changes that will have the biggest impact for you
  • The medical treatments available to you – and the pros and cons of each
  • And most importantly, not just how to get pregnant – but how to have a healthy pregnancy with few complications and a healthy baby

About the author, Clare

A Registered Nutritionist and former competitive multi-sport athlete, Clare Goodwin was diagnosed with PCOS in her twenties. Told that she would never have children, she set out to research lifestyle changes that could help to reverse her symptoms.

Drawing on her own experience, and her qualifications in Exercise Prescription and Natural Fertility Education plus as a Registered Nutritionist, she began working with other women and developed the PCOS Protocol, a 12-week evidence-based program that treats the root causes of PCOS.

She has helped thousands of women to address their hormonal imbalance, many of whom have gone on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Clare Goodwin

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