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PCOS is a frustrating condition.

Especially when no one seems to be able to give you an answer for what to do.

You end up jumping from diet to diet, hoping something will FINALLY work. You find an influencer with a workout plan for PCOS, so you try that. And you spend thousands of dollars on supplements you’ve heard are ‘good for PCOS’.

And yet, nothing changes.

This is because it isn’t the right combination of lifestyle changes for YOUR body and PCOS.

But it doesn't have to be this way

Science has proven that lifestyle changes can have a massive impact on your PCOS – but only if it’s the right changes. And that’s what we help you with:

The right lifestyle changes for your PCOS, based on your symptoms and clinical markers.

This is what I do – find the right changes for you.

What we cover in your 1:1 consultations

  • These are all based off YOUR symptoms.
  • When we first speak, I’ll ask you what your main symptoms/health concerns are, and then all your appointments will be geared around getting to the bottom of your symptoms.
  • We don’t just talk about food! Yes, I am a nutritionist, but I also have a degree in Exercise Prescription (Physiology), and further training in Functional medicine (getting to the root cause) and Natural Fertility Education.
  • I’ll draw on the relevant experience to get to the bottom of your symptoms. Depending on your symptoms/root cause, food might not even come into it!

How it works

  • Firstly, I’ll get on a call with you for 15 minutes to check that I have the skills and knowledge to help you. If I don’t I’ll let you know and if I know someone who can, I’ll refer you on.
  • If I can help you, I’ll let you know and if you decide to proceed, we’ll send you a link to book your first consult.
  • In the first consult, we’ll go through your health history, family history and what you’re currently doing. If we need to get some further testing to look deeper into any areas, we’ll discuss that.
  • This further information will inform the remaining consults.

How I work with you

6 consult minimum commitment

After years of experience, I’ve found that it takes 6 months, to really get to the bottom of most symptoms.

These are approximate times. If we decide that you need some more time between appointments to implement changes, we’ll push these dates out a little.

All consults are carried out via Zoom video calls, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

How much is it?

15 minute discovery call is $100 – this is to ensure that I have the skills to help you.  If I can, and you proceed with the 1:1 consulting, then this is deducted from your consult fees. If I don’t have the skills to help you, I’ll refund this.

I know what it's like...

I’m Clare – the degree qualified Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist behind The PCOS Nutritionist and most importantly – a fellow PCOS sufferer. Through years of dealing with my own PCOS symptoms, studying, researching and working with thousands of other women with PCOS, I developed the PCOS Protocol. It’s the exact program I wish I had 10 years ago, when I was really struggling to manage my PCOS.

Luckily for you, I’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to. I’ve designed this program specifically for women with PCOS focusing on the changes to address your root cause rather than methods that just band-aid your symptoms.


I'm vegetarian/vegan, can you work with me?

Yes, absolutely! I’ll work with whatever your dietary choices, and this is the beauty of working 1:1 is that my advice can be a lot more tailored to your needs – whether they be dietary or anything else. I will also never give you a diet plan that you have to follow (cue eye roll!). I put a lot of the focus in your appointments into you understanding your body and educating you so that you can create your own meal plans and adapt recipes to suit your dietary choices. My philosophy is along the lines of “teach a woman to fish” – if I give you the tools then you can make any situation work, whereas if I just give you a strict diet plan to follow, then it wouldn’t be sustainable.

I live in (insert your country/ region here), can you help me.

Yes! I work with you via Zoom, so you can be based anywhere in the world. You book your appointments using my online portal, so you can fine a time that suits you and change it easily if something comes up.  In most countries I can also help you order any testing that we need too – if I can’t I’ll let you know.

Will I need any further blood testing/lab work?

Possibly – but also in many cases, we can work without it. I can tell a lot from your symptoms, family history and medical history, so in most cases we work without them. I’ll let you be my guide on what you want, and most importantly what you can afford.

How will I know if you can help me?

That’s exactly what the discovery consult is for – for me to find out about you and if I think I have the knowledge/skills to help you. If I don’t, I’ll be very upfront about this and if I know someone better – I’ll pass you onto them.  My aim is to get you the outcome you need.

Will these consults be tailored to my personal symptoms?

Yes! This is the benefit of working 1:1, at the start we’ll decide on the main symptoms that you want help with and all our consults will be around finding you an outcome for those.

I'm currently on the Pill. Can you still help me?

Yes! You can be on any medication you want/need. I do not live by an ‘all’ natural approach. I actually often advise you to make sure that you have made the changes for at least a few months and have seen improvements in your overall symptoms before you discuss with your doctors the possibility of removing the Pill. Removing the Pill immediately might mean that you get a backlash of symptoms (acne, hair growth, hair loss etc), which you likely don’t want!

I am already through menopause/perimenopause, can you assist me?

Yes! Oftentimes symptoms can get worse after menopause. While your body might not be producing oestrogen and progesterone any more, your ovaries and other organs (like fat tissue) still produce testosterone. Without progesterone opposing the testosterone, symptoms can get even worse. Thus it’s advisable that you start understanding your body better now so you can implement the lifestyle changes that can have the biggest impact for you.

What if I have questions between appointments?

While Clare would absolutely love to be able to answer every question that you have, she physically can’t manage this. If you have a quick and easy question, i.e. can be answered in 2 lines or less, one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible between 9 AM to 5 PM NZT. If it’s a complex question, then we can move your next appointment forward, or change this to a 30-minute consultation.

Is testing included in the price?

No, this is an additional cost but isn’t necessary for all. If we think it will help we’ll recommend that we order some further testing to get more clarity on what’s happening. This is not compulsory but may help us give you more accurate advice. These will be discussed with you at your consult and you’ll be given a quote. You’ll then be sent a link for payment before any testing is ordered.

What if I need more help after the 6 months?

No problem, we can continue to help and you’ll be charged per appointment you need.

Can I delay my consults or get a refund?

The 6-month 1:1 program is non-transferable and non-refundable. We totally get there are times that you are away and need to stretch out times between your consults, and that’s okay. So long as your consults are completed within a 9-month window.

Who sets the consult times?

You lock in your next appointment at the end of every appointment with Clare.

What times are the consults?

Our consult hours are between 3 PM – 7 PM NZT Wednesdays and 9 AM – 3:00 PM NZT Fridays.

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