Clare is certainly an expert on PCOS. I spent 3 years training as a Nutritional Therapist and even I couldn’t reverse my PCOS. Clare taught me so much I didn’t know about the mechanisms behind PCOS, the contributing factors and what I need to be doing to reverse it. Her insight into PCOS and the clear explanation of my personal symptoms gave me the motivation I needed to make the necessary changes to reverse my condition.

I’d highly recommend Claire to any women struggling with PCOS and its symptoms, her expert knowledge and support will give you the tools and confidence you need to claim back you health and feel great again!

- Lauren Lovell, London

Clare Goodwin, the PCOS Nutritionist

You’re probably feeling like PCOS has stolen your body. It’s made you gain weight, sprout hairs in places you never thought possible, continue to get pimples well into adult life, made your periods painful, irregular or just plain non existent. Then there is the fatigue (no, it’s not normal), bloating or irritable bowel symptoms and maybe even depression. Was there ever a disorder that could make you feel less feminine? I highly doubt it.

I know this because I’ve been you.

I’ve suffered from all these debilitating symptoms and I know how bad it is. Fortunately, I’m a degree qualified nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner so I was able to treat the root cause and reverse my PCOS. I’m passionate about using this knowledge and the scientific research to help you to do the same.

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