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Jessica, 28

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Jessica, 28

Anna, 38

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Anna, 38

Paula, 32

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Paula, 32


Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but the scales keep climbing?

Or maybe you thought you found the solution.

But now the weight is back on, the pimples are worse than ever, you wake up to hair balls on your pillow every morning, and you can’t stand the gym because there are so many damn mirrors.

I know you’ve been doing everything right. 

I know you’re not secret eating 2 Big Macs and a Magnum every night.

I know you exercise, even though you’re tired all the time.

While all your friends seem to be able to ‘just eat in moderation’ and not gain one iddy-biddy globdule of fat, you only have to glance down the chocolate aisle at the supermarket to put on more weight.

It’s not your fault.

You’re intelligent and determined.

You’re managed to nail every other part of life

You got the degree, the job, great friends.

But your body is the one thing you can’t figure out

That’s because your body plays by a different rule book.

PCOS doesn’t know the rules to the normal game. 

It’s like the kid on the soccer pitch who’s running around pretending to be an aeroplane at the other end of the field when all the other kids are beehived around the ball.

So you need to learn the rules of PCOS 

Because it’s only when we know the rules,

Can we look in the mirror at that damn hot, clear skinned, hair free bod

and smugly say,

HA!  Looks who’s laughing now PCOS!




 Hi, I’m Clare

I reversed my PCOS and have helped dozens of women do the same

by using all the knowledge I learnt through my degree in Nutrition and functional medicine study

And I’m here to show you the exact right steps to do the same.


Because I’ve also suffered from these horrible PCOS symptoms.  I know what it’s like to be eating like a squirrel and exercising like a husky and still see the scales climbing

I know what it’s like to feel like you have absolutely no control of your body.

But I also know that it’s 100% possible to reverse your PCOS.

You just have to be given the correct tools. 





What does it entail?


Your individual formula

PCOS isn’t one condition, there are multiple types of PCOS.  In this program, I help you find out your type (and root cause) and I give you the formula to follow to reverse it. 

Knowledge breeds success

That’s why this program includes weekly video training so that you can learn all the sciencey stuff behind PCOS (but not too technical).  By knowing all the why’s behind what you’re doing, you will be successful in making lasting changes and reversing your PCOS.

Of course you also get all the tools too:  meal plans, shopping lists, workout plan, stress management and gut health plan, micronutrient supplements, and adaptogenic herbs but these are based on your symptoms, not a one size fits all approach

1:1 Support

Video calls where I laser coach you through what you’re struggling with and answer all of your burning ‘why’ questions.


A private Facebook group where you’ll be part of a uniquely driven group of women, all reversing their PCOS—because it’s hard to F-up and fall off the wagon when you’ve got a bunch of others pulling you along.


>> How much would you pay to not wake up every morning thinking that today was going to be the day that you were going to be ‘good’ with your diet?

>> What would it be worth to your career and life to not be so tired that you can’t concentrate in meetings?

>> How much time would you save not having to carefully try and cover up pimples?

>>How good would it feel to strut around the resort pool in your bikini without feeling self conscious?

>> What value would you place on not having to fret about stubble?

>> How much have you spent on clothes that you can’t wear because you no longer fit into them?

>> How much would you pay to go shopping and love how everything looked on you?

>> How much money have you wasted on supplements that didn’t work, shakes that you gave up on after only a week or two, or fad diets that you couldn’t maintain?




I completed my double degree with honours in Exercise Prescription and Nutrition, determined to figure out this weight thing.  If I was competing at World Championships, training 25 hours a week and I couldn’t have abs, what was I missing?  What did all those celebrities and their Hollywood lifestyles know that I didn’t?  Surely I was doing more exercise than them.

After years of trying low GI, low Carb, running more marathons, ultra marathons, multisport and cross fit, I found functional medicine and knew this was what it was all about.  I subsequently studied Function Medicine through the Kresser Institute Adapt framework, then I figured out what the secret was:

Treat the root cause of PCOS, not the symptoms.

I treated my root cause of chronic gut infections and a disrupted microbiome, food intolerances, chronically high stress hormones, and overexercising—finally reversing my PCOS. 

But along the way I was treating many other women with PCOS and realising that this wasn’t the answer for everyone.  PCOS isn’t a disease like cancer, it’s a combination of symptoms that have been grouped together to make it easier to understand what’s going on.  That is why there is no radiation/chemo/surgery equivalent for PCOS. 

So I developed some tools to help you identify your own cause(s) and then a program to reverse these. 

Because I know there is no-one size fits all approach. 








It takes at least 6 months to reverse your PCOS which is a long time with no support and a lack of understanding about what’s actually going on. This program gives you the community and guidance to do just that.


To keep you accountable to your actions, answer any of those burning ‘why’ questions and laser coach you on the areas you’re struggling with


So you can learn in your own time.


So you can listen or read on the tube/train or Uber Exec


To complete your assigned tasks.


Articles, studies, and links to back up each module, for the curious among you.


On My Story, The Pill (Friend of Foe) and What else could be going wrong?


From my team and I, so your questions won’t go unanswered.


Get accountable to a bunch of like minded babes who are determined to reverse their PCOS too.





Instead I had to take the long, winding, uphill road.

The road that took me 5 Years of University study, another 2 years Functional Medicine training

Countless hours reading scientific journals trawling through studies.

Thousands of dollars in supplements that didn’t work,

Thousands of hours doing exercise that what actually making me sicker.

This is the same for one of my clients who spent three years training as a nutritional therapist


“Clare is certainly an expert on PCOS. I spent 3 years training as a Nutritional Therapist and even I couldn’t reverse my PCOS.  Clare taught me so much I didn’t know about the mechanisms behind PCOS, the contributing factors, and what I need to be doing to reverse it. Her insight into PCOS and the clear explanation of my personal symptoms gave me the information and motivation I needed to make the necessary changes to reverse my condition.

I’d highly recommend Claire to any women struggling with PCOS and its symptoms. Her expert knowledge and support will give you the tools and confidence you need to claim back your health and feel great again!”

– Lauren Lovell, London

So instead, jump on the fast track and give yourself the best chance of success






1. What to eat

In this module we’ll go through how some foods you’re eating are making you inflamed and causing your PCOS.  I’ll guide you through what foods to remove and why, give you a meal planner and shopping list for your first two weeks to get you started.

2. Your PCOS root cause

Ever wondered why our PCOS symptoms seem to differ wildly?  Our symptoms are so different:  from lean to overweight, hair falling out to too much of it in the wrong places, from acne to skin tags, some insulin resistant and others not.  Why don’t we all follow the same pattern?  This is because there isn’t just one PCOS—there are many different kinds of PCOS. 

In this module you’ll be given the tools to explore your PCOS cause and what that means for your treatment plan

3.  Diet 2.0 (inc carbs, intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet)

Ever wondered why you see on Facebook and in the media that some women with PCOS lose a bucket of weight on a very low carb ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting, and others gain weight while feeling tired and hangry?

This is because hormones play a huge role in how many carbohydrates we need or don’t need. In this module, you’ll work out how to calculate your optimum carb needs. In this module you’ll learn what you should be eating- including exactly how many carbs you need for your symptoms

4. Exercise

If exercise is good for us, then more must be better right?  Wrong.

In this module you’ll learn how exercise impacts your hormones. You’ll learn how some exercise (possibly what you are doing at the moment) can make your PCOS worse, and what exercise you should be doing instead.

You’ll get exercise plans to implement, not just for now, but as you build up fitness.

5. Balancing hormones

Do you find yourself rushing around from meeting to meeting, working all hours and collapsing during the weekend?  Are you exhausted all the time?

Did you now this could actually be causing your PCOS? 

Learn how to identify stress based PCOS and simple steps to reverse it.

6. PCOS and your Gut

If I suggested that the bacteria living in your gut might be stopping you from reversing your PCOS, you’d probably look at me in surprise.  But it’s true.  The trillions of bacteria could be causing inflammation and PCOS.  In this module I’ll teach you why your gut is so important and simple steps you can take to ensure it’s healthy.

7. Toxins and PCOS

PCOS weight loss certainly isn’t all calories in-calories out.  You know that hormones, especially testosterone, play a large role, but did you also know that the organ responsible for trying to reduce the amount of testosterone in your body also has the job of eliminating toxins?  In this module I show you why you need to be addressing environmental toxins if you want to reverse PCOS, and the simple steps you should be taking.

8. Micronutrient supplements

How much money have you wasted on supplements you thought you needed, when you have no idea if they worked or not?  Reading articles and books can be overwhelming with all the recommendations for supplements and PCOS.  In this module you’ll learn what supplements you need based on your PCOS cause and when you need to take them for them to actually work.

9. Help your hormones out

Lifestyle changes alone are rarely enough to reverse PCOS.  Our body is such a complex system of reactions which need certain enzymes and cofactors to work.

In this module you’ll learn what adaptogenic herbs you should be taking based on your PCOS cause and how to use them.  I’ll also take you through the pros and cons of metformin

10.  Understand your body

One of the most important parts of reversing PCOS (and getting pregnant, or not if you don’t want to) is understanding your body.  In this module I’ll teach you the signs and symptoms that you should be looking out for and how to interpret them.

Bonus Module 1:  My story

From competing for my country at the World Championships to being on the brink of Type 2 Diabetes.  How living the ‘healthiest lifestyle’ actually made me very sick and overweight. How I managed to find my root cause, treat it, get back to being 60kg with no PCOS symptoms.

My wish is for this video to inspire you so that you can reverse your PCOS too. 

Bonus Module 2:  The Contraceptive Pill: Friend or Foe

So unless you want to get pregnant, I bet you’ve been prescribed the pill to regulate your period.  Good guess?  No. It’s just what’s happened to 99.9% of my patients.  In this video I’ll explain to you why the pill can never regulate a period and why it’s probably making your PCOS worse.

Bonus Module 3: What else could be going wrong?

Wondering if there are other illnesses in your body that could be impacting your PCOS?  From thyroid to leaky gut, I give you a few ideas of areas for you to seek further testing on to rule out other conditions that might be stopping you getting well.



Does this sound like you?


// You’re driven, determined, and ready to finally reverse your PCOS

// You’re over quick fixes and fad diets and want long term results

// You’re so done with wasting time on ‘working it out yourself,’ following multiple generic online health and fitness bloggers who all seem to give conflicting information

// You know that diets don’t work and instead you want a step-by-step proven roadmap that treats the root cause of your PCOS

// You’re curious to find your personal PCOS cause (this is one of my favorite parts of the program: helping you discover this and seeing that it’s so much more than diet and exercise)

// You’re ready to invest time and money into finally finding a solution

// While you might not be wanting to get pregnant now, you want to make damn certain to protect your future fertility

// You believe in accountability and you’re ready to make some changes and let go of things that might be holding you back

In short, you’re just fiercely determined to beat PCOS and will do what it takes.

Please note that I’m only able to take on a small number of women in the program each year.  

This is so that I can ensure the best possible outcome for everyone of my patients.  

Preference will be given to those that have pre registered.

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Why Clare?

Ever wondered why all the best health professionals are those that have had some personal illness?  Because there is nothing more motivating than fixing your own health to make you read all of the scientific literature, and no better guinea pig than your own body.

I spent 5 years at university understanding the intricate workings of the human body and have a double degree with Honours (1st class) in Exercise Prescription and Human Nutrition

I’ve also completed my training in functional medicine with the Kresser Institute

And I’ve reversed my PCOS and I’ve helped with dozens of women reverse their PCOS and know there is no one-size-fits-all approach

I help teach you about what’s going on in your body, but also give you a very clear action plan of what you need to do to succeed.

I don’t just teach you, I laser coach you through any personal barriers that might be holding you back from getting slim and clear skinned.


What this program is not


This program is not a quick fix or fad diet.  You don’t drink shakes or eat zero calorie jelly. 

It’s based on the research that’s been done on PCOS and human physiology.

It requires you to learn what’s going on in your body and implement it.

It requires you to invest time, energy, and money to making this work.

But if you want to get to the root cause and reverse your PCOS and get, then there is nothing else like it in the world.




If I can do it, you can too, and if you’re ready to take that leap and start living a PCOS- free life NOW, then I’m here to show you exactly how it’s done.

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