Stephanie’s Amazing Pregnancy Journey

By Clare Goodwin

Last updated: September 3, 2020

Stephanie’s story is so inspiring for anyone with PCOS trying to conceive. From being told that IVF was her “only option” to conceiving within a few months, this just shows what can happen if we use the right kind of diet, lifestyle and supplements to treat the PCOS ‘type’.

I’m Stephanie Osborne, I’m 30 years old. I’m a Kiwi who’s been living in London for the last five years, working in public relations. I was diagnosed about nine months ago, I had been to see my GP because I was trying to conceive. He sent me away with a generic leaflet about how to manage polycystic ovaries, which generally is looking at your weight, your exercise, and also considering going on the contraceptive pill.

So at that time, clearly that wasn’t good advice for me, because he could see that I was a very fit and healthy patient, and he knew that I was trying to conceive. I felt really helpless because there was no advice that he was able to give me that was actually tailored to my individual situation, and my symptoms.

My PCOS symptoms were mainly just irregular cycles. I don’t have a problem with weight, I don’t have excess hair. So it was really difficult that he wasn’t giving me any next steps, and he had said that the usual way to treat polycystic ovaries would not be relevant for me.

I did take some supplements that I do believe helped my situation. They were helping, but it was clear that they weren’t doing enough to fix the underlying problem, because if they were, then they would’ve been able to fully correct my cycle.

So, my husband and I went back to the gynecologist a second time, he came to the conclusion that because it hadn’t just miraculously fixed itself, that I most likely was going to have to have IVF. And I was so shocked and distraught, and it was probably the lowest point ever in my life, because I wasn’t even 30 years old. I just couldn’t believe that in such a short frame of time, he had already jumped to the conclusion that we would need IVF. He then said that IVF through the NHS system was drying up, and that it would probably be very difficult for us to have any IVF through the the NHS.

We decided that I should first take some of these tests for The PCOS Protocol, even though I had to push my GP to take the tests, then Clare analyzed my results. The one thing that really stood out to her was that my blood glucose levels were quite high. So I had a conversation with my GP, and he wasn’t concerned with it at all, and he didn’t feel that any medications to treat insulin resistance would be relevant.

PCOS Protocol Stephanie

Probably within two weeks of starting, I got my next period. The next month it was a 34 day cycle, which was the most instantaneous results out of everything that I tried. It was amazing that it actually worked, and I think what was so surprising for me is that yes I do work in PR, and yes I do have nice lunches sometimes, but outside of that I do eat really healthy. So I was dubious about the diet, because I thought I was already eating healthy. I was already eating my five a day with my veg, et cetera. So can it really have that much of an impact?

It was really, really exciting. Then one month my period didn’t arrive as per usual, and I developed tiredness. So I thought I’d better take a test, and figure out what’s going on. So we took a test, and for the first time in a year we got a positive. Our reaction was a very practical reaction, we didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves. I was worried that I’d had so many cramps that I thought maybe it was ectopic.

We went straight to the A&E to get it checked out. They did an ultrasound and confirmed that a sack had implanted in my uterus, and that we were pregnant, and it was the most amazing experience. We had our twelve week scan the other day, and again, it was just … I know that you see scans all the time, you see your friends pictures, but when you see it actually moving in real time, and you know that it’s inside you, it’s absolutely amazing. It was the most special experience.

So, we were looking at IVF, which is thousands and thousands of pounds. In comparison to that, a couple of hundred pounds to have a personalised program, such an obvious choice to try, because it’s your health at stake. If you’re not trying for a family, then it’s still something that you need to address, and you need to fix. I think it’s a really relevant program, and great value for money if I’m honest, it’s extremely reasonable.

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