Alexis’ Amazing Pregnancy Journey

Words cannot start to describe how amazingly happy I was to find Clare and the protocol. I’m a midwife and nutritionist, yet there is minimal understanding within the medical community on how to manage and treat PCOS holistically – for me medications/the band-aid approach aren’t the first answer.

Babies were not my top reason for getting my PCOS under control, but with our strong family history of diabetes…I knew if I didn’t change I’d be one of the statistics. It also made it highly more likely that when the time came, my babies would likely follow down that same path – adding to the increase we’re seeing year on year.

I had lost around 20kg (42lbs) a few years prior but still felt heavy, sluggish and out of sorts. On the protocol I lost 7kg (15lbs) further (which was certainly awesome) but most importantly my periods returned to 30-36 days, my skin cleared, hair stopped falling from my head and growing in every other unimaginable place, and the bloating ceased. Funnily enough, the weight was the last thing to come off!

I’ve kept medication and birth control free for about 4 years – using the Natural Cycles App instead. This not only helped me see how my body wasn’t working but showed me the turning point of when ovulation kicked off again.

When it came time to have a family I wanted to have a body prepared, a body not sitting with insulin resistance waiting to get gestational diabetes. I wanted energy and to feel like a woman again. Through more extensive testing and interpretation by Clare I now finally understood what I’d been doing “wrong” and how to proceed. The protocol was the icing on the cake really.

I can very excitedly say after 1.5yrs of removing the irritants from my diet and feeling better we conceived the first month of trying and are now happily pregnant with baby – 17 weeks! My scan showed two remaining cysts on each ovary (which means no PCO) and my blood work shows a very low HbA1c and normal insulin (which means no PCOS – I was insulin and thyroid based PCOS).

If it hadn’t been for finding Clare (by fluke) I’d likely still be trying to nut out which direction to go and debating about starting back on medications – after all, this was the only “solution” I’d been given prior. With Clare’s guidance I’m back in control of my body and feeling great. We now have a little one to celebrate and with any luck, I’ve helped break the generational span of diabetes in our family.

If you’re debating about doing the protocol…don’t…nothing in this world comes easy and once you’re in the groove, one month turns into six and before you know it you have a new (easy) lifestyle that didn’t take 5yrs to achieve or cost millions!