Jenna’s Incredible Pregnancy Story

Jenna’s pregnancy story is frankly incredible. From trying to conceive for 18 months to then getting pregnant within 3 months of starting The Protocol. I hope that it inspires all of you trying to conceive that it is absolutely possible and can happen very quickly if once we identify your PCOS ‘type’ and then implement the right lifestyle changes for you.

I’d been trying to get pregnant for 1.5 years when I was finally diagnosed with PCOS. My periods had alway been completely regular and now suddenly they were 50 days and even 60 days apart! I was very fortunate to have an amazing doctor. When I started to have irregular periods my doctor immediately did all the testing and diagnosed me with PCOS. She explained that I needed to get my BMI down and that would help regulate my period again.

I felt completely lost. I had no idea what PCOS was or what to do about it. I was looking on lots of forums online, but there was so much conflicting information and I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I found Clare.

Clare encouraged me to get the right testing done and it was then that I found that I was insulin resistant. When I found out my PCOS ‘type’, it all started to click into place and make so much sense. I’ve always had skinny legs but always put weight on around middle, and now I know why. .

Followed Clare’s protocol, I understood how it was treating my insulin resistance. The nutrition and exercise plan was specific to me with insulin resistance. It made a huge difference knowing exactly what was going on and that I was treating the root cause.

I learnt how to use a glucometer so I could see in real time what was going on with my blood sugar and how much carbohydrate MY blood sugar could actually handle.

I was no longer guessing, looking on forums or trying different diets and supplements because someone on some forum had said it was good for PCOS. I had the knowledge that what I was doing was treating the cause.

So I started Clare’s protocol in May, and by July I was pregnant. I could not believe it.

Not only that, I lost 16kg! I lost 10kg before I got pregnant and then a following 6 in my first trimester, although that might have been due to the morning sickness! I also lost 12cm off my waist which is always the hardest place for me to lose weight.

My skin is also the best it’s ever been (no more acne), and I have so much more energy, my nails grow like crazy and I found that food just tasted so much better; I don’t need sugar anymore.

The results from following this protocol have been amazing and it just makes so much sense that treating the root cause and eating whole foods can do this.

Jenna x