Michelle’s incredible PCOS journey

So in 2013 I was 21 years old , had just graduated from University and felt like I was finally able to enjoy life with no study commitments or schedules. I found myself no longer doing any exercise, hardly eating any healthy foods, my sleeping pattern was the worst it’s ever been and stress from work was at an all time high.

In 2014 I had begun to experience period irregularities and had visited many doctors to figure out what was causing it. However, I didn’t get a PCOS diagnosis until December of 2016.

I had never heard of PCOS before which was crazy considering how common it is! So my natural reaction was ‘Great! I finally know what is wrong and can do something to fix it’. That was until the doctor proceeded to tell me that it was a lifelong chronic condition that isn’t fully understood within the medical world and that I would experience fertility issues. There is nothing I can do to ‘fix’ this condition I just have to learn to live with it.

So, right after being diagnosed, the doctor had then recommended for me to go on the pill in order to help “regulate my periods” as there was nothing else that could be done.

Hearing that come out of the doctor’s mouth really felt like a punch to the stomach. I could feel myself starting to sweat and become red-faced as the reality of it hit me. I was in complete shock walking out of the doctors office and I remember sitting in my car and having a cry.

Fast forward to September 2017, I begun experiencing all the other symptoms and they were worsening at a rapid rate. I was slightly overweight (about 10 kilos), hirsutism was worsening by the day, developed acne, bad brain fog, hair loss, extreme fatigue, severe mood swings and depression. I literally just felt like my world was coming to an end. It was a lot to handle at once!

Out of sheer desperation, I spent hours online doing research and that is when I came across Clare’s protocol! (best day ever). I just knew I needed help, and was willing to do anything to make a change, so I signed up to the program within a day!

My first consultation was hard and I had a little breakdown but the one thing Clare said to me that has since stuck with me since was “You no longer have to worry about a thing… whatever is your problem is now mine and we’ll get through it”. That was the first time in a year of being diagnosed that I felt support from a professional! I felt the worlds weight being lifted of my shoulders just hearing someone say that to me, and knowing she actually meant it, gave me so much inner peace.

Since then, I followed the program to the T. I wanted to see if it really worked. Within weeks I noticed my symptoms begin to slowly disappear. I was so excited and it gave me determination to continue and see how far I can go.

So fast track to four months later, there was no looking back and my results have been unbelievable.

  • Completely reversed my hirsutism
  • Cleared up all my acne
  • Eliminated my brain fog and mood swings
  • Gotten back some of my energy!
  • Slowed down hair loss.
  • Lost 10 kilos
  • Got my sugar levels down to a normal range

A lot of family members continue to comment on how good I look since losing the weight. I had never expected to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. I’m so proud of all the results I have achieved since starting the protocol. Reversing my symptoms and gaining my energy back has helped give me a better life today, both emotionally and physically.

When I initially signed up, I did not realise how important a positive mindset actually was until I had that lightbulb moment throughout the protocol where I started to look at my situation in a completely different light, even to the extent of seeing PCOS as a blessing in disguise. As crazy as that sounds, it made me a more positive, healthy, active and happy person in the long run.

I now feel more comfortable turning down foods whether that’s at the movies or family gatherings, I plan my foods ahead of time so I don’t take shortcuts, I like to make exercise and walks a family activity so that we are always sticking to plan and being accountable.

To be completely honest, I used to think that PCOS was going to consume my life and that I was going to spend all my time worrying about infertility, facial hair, acne and so on. However, there are days that go by where I totally forget that I even have PCOS! It’s such a surreal feeling.

That has been one of the best things about the program, it’s a lifestyle change. I feel like the sacrifices I made were minimal in comparison to what I have gained. It’s actually life changing. I’m so proud that I was able to stick to it and make those changes for myself and my future.

I just feel healthy again. I haven’t said that in such a long time. The weight is gone, my skin is clear, my mood is better. I feel like a new person. It’s not a diet, it’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle change that I can 100% stick by for the rest of my life.

I love eating healthy and being active (literally never thought I’d be saying that), and just enjoying life in general. I’m excited about starting a family one day as its always been my dream and I now know it’s totally possible with all the positive changes I’ve made.

I would totally recommended the protocol for anyone who is sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not to do it. Honestly, JUST DO IT! It will literally change your life! I was the type of person that would hear stories of girls who reversed their PCOS and thought ‘that would never happen to me, I can’t reverse my PCOS’. It’s so possible! Not to sound cliché but it will completely change your life. I feel like a totally different person and I have Clare to thank for that! She is so understanding, friendly, super knowledgeable, and truly cares about her patients. She has been through it and really understands everyone’s struggles.

So take charge of your health because only YOU can. Give it a go. You wont regret it! x

*Michelle has chosen to blur her image for her privacy.