Stephanie’s inspiring 5 inch weight loss

Stephanie’s story is just amazing. Like me, Stephanie was exercising herself to the ground and just kept putting on weight. But after finding what her ‘type’ was and the right diet, exercise and supplements, she found that the weight was finally coming off. She also got her period back in less than a month. This is a constant reminder to me that our body wants to ovulate- we just help it get there by fixing what’s stopping it (i.e. treating your ‘type’). Enjoy reading this inspiring story and know that this is possible for you too x

Back in spring 2016, I said yes to the wedding dress. After 4 months into planning the big day, my wedding dress said “no” to me. My 30 lb weight gain ended with my alterations lady asking “Did you gain weight?” as I tightly tried to fit into my dream dress. I was working out twice a week, and eating super clean. My periods were starting to lessen as my stress increased like crazy. I couldn’t sleep, my acne was flaring up and I felt hopeless.

It took me 5 OBGYNs to officially be diagnosed with PCOS in the fall of 2016. I had suspected having it for a long time, but my doctors insisted ovarian cysts were my only problem. My facial hair, weight gain, lack of period, and acne made me think otherwise. Getting diagnosed with PCOS finally made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. Something was wrong with my body and I had pressed to find the answer to what was wrong.

Finding out I was sick versus figuring out what to do turned out to be quite difficult. Many doctors typically just recommend metformin or birth control. Personally, I am all for these types of treatment, only if deemed necessary. I wanted those medications to be my last result. Basically this left me with only the internet to help me out.

PCOS Protocol Success Stephanie

So I googled, and googled, and googled some more. I fell across a lot of “lifestyle” type blogs and websites. The main 2 I followed were probably the most popular out there and a lot of women praised their advice given. So of course, I gave it a try, only to find that NOTHING was helping still. I had followed their advice word for word during an entire year, and I had nothing to show but frustration. I realized I didn’t have the classic textbook PCOS.

Eventually I stumbled across Clare’s website, internally screaming inside, “FINALLY! THIS LADY ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT BECAUSE SHE HAS A DEGREE TO BACK IT UP!” I specifically read up on adrenal based PCOS and a lightbulb went off. All this time, I kept hearing that PCOS was only an insulin resistant type of syndrome. Never in all of my research had I heard that it could be adrenal based as well. I cried reading her article because I finally found something that made sense.

My life before the PCOS Protocol was just trial and error. I was spending so much money hoping some kind of supplement would jumpstart my body to normal. My energy was non-existent, my stress levels were high, and I was slowly but surely, still putting on weight despite my healthy diet.

The hardest part for me was definitely the exercise portion. It wasn’t that it was necessarily hard workouts, but I had a mental block going on. This of course was due to having worked out heavily only to have gained 30 lbs of belly fat previously. Ever since then I’ve been afraid to work out.

Being surrounded by people who were also doing the protocol with me, gave me a sense of accountability. It let me know that I wasn’t alone and that there were people there to build me up and who understood. It’s still hard for me to get myself out there, but I’m definitely having successes workout wise. My husband specifically has been very encouraging of me taking walks with him.

The first improvement I saw through the protocol was that my pants were starting to feel looser! Once the appropriate time came, I measured my waist and found out I had lost a whopping 5 inches! To date, my energy has improved, and I’ve also learned how to listen to my body more in regards to eating. I am no longer just eating food for the sake of it. Instead I am eating based on my true hunger level. I am also finally taking the right supplements rather than just guessing!

My sugar cravings have decreased significantly as well.

What surprised me the most about the Protocol was that I started realizing just how determined I was. I spent too many years trying to figure out what was wrong, to find what was finally best for my body. So for example, I had a huge marketing event at work. Honestly, I did not eat too well. There were wraps, donuts, you name it! Instead of throwing in the towel for the rest of the day, I pushed myself to go get groceries afterwards. Stephanie before the Protocol would’ve just given up on the rest of the day. Instead, I took my tired self to the store so I wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes.

After less than a month I FINALLY GOT MY PERIOD BACK AFTER 2 YEARS OF NOT HAVING ONE (and I never thought I’d be excited to say that!). That was a huge milestone for me! If it wasn’t for Clare’s help, it would’ve still been missing in action! I also noticed that sleep was a HUGE game changer to me!

PCOS Protocol Success Stephanie

If it wasn’t for the Protocol, I would’ve just settled and given up on myself.

I am so glad I decided to do it because I am so much better for it. As corny as it sounds, it really did change my life for the better. I still struggle with stress due to the nature of my job and the personal circumstances that I’m in. But thanks to Clare, I now have tools in my belt to lessen my stress when it is at it’s all time high.

My advice would be, take the plunge! Don’t settle! I was at a point of frustration and guessing. Now I feel like I finally have my life back.

For me, the PCOS protocol has been worth every penny.

(P.S. After resisting the urge to go “Bridezilla” on the alterations lady who basically called me fat, we made the dress fit. And I married the love of my life!)

Stephanie x