120: Which medications for PCOS weight loss actually help your root cause, rather than just ‘band-aiding’ symptoms?

Ok so you’ve been trying everything for your PCOS and nothing is working. So, you start to think about what medications might be available to you to help you with your PCOS symptoms, like that frustrating weight gain you can’t seem to get on top of or those crazy sugar cravings that never seem to be satiated.

It’s overwhelming when you delve into it all. You’ve heard about Metformin, but the feedback is torn – then you hear people in PCOS forums talking about Ozempic and Saxenda, which seem to be similar but are they better? What’s the difference between them all? How do they actually work? What kind of results will they give me, will it actually be worth taking it? Side effects? Which ones will ACTUALLY help the problem rather than bandaiding it?

There’s so many things to think about when tossing up your options – especially if, like me, you went on metformin and you needed a loo present pretty much at all times 😂

So today on The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast, I wanted to give you a bit of an overview of some of the most common insulin medications for PCOS to help cut through the noise and give you some more clarity on what your options are, the difference between them all, what to ask for and of course, the research behind each.

Now this podcast is slightly different because it’s actually a snippet from our NEW mini module all about medications and PCOS! So if you’re listening along and thinking “interesting! I’d love to hear more about this” then go ahead and jump into that mini module! It’s only $24, so it’s a great option if you aren’t financially in a position to do the PCOS Protocol OR you just want help with little snippets of your PCOS journey rather than everything.

This episode is for you if:

  • Your weight loss is really getting the better of you and you’re over it
  • You’ve been told about medication options for PCOS but you’re still confused about what they actually do
  • Your weight loss has stagnated and you’re wondering what your options are
  • You want to know which are the best in terms of helping that PCOS root cause
  • The difference between the medications is confusing you
  • You’ve heard your doctor and/or friends and/or people on forums with PCOS talk about a medication and you want more info

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • The most common medications for improving PCOS weight loss
  • How they work
  • What I’ve seen with these medications clinically
  • Which medications actually improve your PCOS root cause, insulin and symptoms
  • Who these drugs are prescribed for and what the requirements are
  • How long do you need to stay on one of these medications for it to be effective
  • What are the side effects of these medications?
  • How much do these medications cost?
  • Contraindications of these medications

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