16: The single biggest factor for getting pregnant – and you’re in control of it

The very basic, but essential component of getting pregnant is that you have intercourse at the time that you’re actually fertile.

Contrary to popular belief, there are only about 4-6 days in a cycle that you’re actually fertile, and the secret is finding out which days these are.

It sounds simple, but 87% of couples don’t know how to do this. When you learn how, it’s quite straightforward, but it’s not common knowledge and you aren’t taught this anywhere along your fertility journey.

This is even harder if you have PCOS and have irregular cycles. Apps can’t predict these days, nor can ovulation sticks in PCOS because our LH is already too high.

In today’s podcast I’m going to be telling why this is and what you need to use instead.

Today’s podcast isn’t just for those wanting to conceive- if you’re thinking about this in the future, it would be so beneficial to learn this technique now.

Highlights, takeaways and quick wins:

  • You are only fertile about 4-6 days per cycle- your fertile window
  • The fertile window is the days pre-ovulation when you can actually conceive
  • The Fertility Awareness Method is 99.6 accurate at detecting this.
  • Ovulation test kits can’t identify this fertile window in PCOS: Even the manufacturers state this in the packet
  • Apps also can’t predict this- especially the apps that you put the days of your period in
  • Your luteal phase (days after ovulation and before your period) is also crucial. Leaning to chart your cycles will help you identify if you have an insufficient luteal phase.
  • Your doctor isn’t taught anything about this- so expect them to be dismissive
  • Your fertility specialist also won’t check these- it’s up to you to learn and understand your body.

Key studies I talk about in this podcast:

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