19: Lou’s Story: What to do when you feel like you’ve done everything – and it’s still not working

Dealing with PCOS can often feel like climbing a mountain, it’s hard to imagine life without your symptoms and it can feel like everything you try isn’t really working. Some days you feel like you’ve taken a step forward, then the next you feel like you’ve taken two steps back.

Whether it’s fatigue, fertility issues or weight gain – or all of the above – it can be pretty draining to deal with, especially when you’ve tried every trick in the book to fix it. Trust me I’ve been there, and I know how you’re feeling.

In last week’s episode we took a deep dive into exercise – this is big for a lot of women who deal with PCOS. You’re practically living in the gym, going countless times a week and you’re on top of your game when it comes to eating well. So why is it that you aren’t making progress and everyone around you seems to be seeing the results you hoped for?

Well, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

On this week’s episode of the PCOS Nutritionist podcast, we’re running along similar lines. We chat with Lou, who suffered from PCOS for more than two decades. She tried everything from intense exercise to calorie restriction (and more) to help her symptoms but wasn’t seeing any improvements, until she took a step back and started to investigate the root of her symptoms.

Are you feeling stuck trying to fix your PCOS? Like you’re doing everything right but not getting anywhere? If this sounds like what you’re experiencing or you enjoyed last week’s episode, have a listen to Lou’s story – it’s truly inspiring and a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you feel like you’ve exhausted every option!

And if you want some help understanding your PCOS root cause and how you can put your symptoms into remission, then come join us in The PCOS Protocol.

We’ll guide you through all of the changes you need to make in order to feel in control of your PCOS and get back to what’s really important to you!