24: Is there such a thing as ‘balance’ over the holidays?

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, this time of year is when a lot of us tend to slip off the healthy habits bandwagon. 

For some of us, we fall off the bandwagon and straight into a big blowout full of puddings that leave us feeling pretty average, let’s be honest. And if we’re in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re probably even less inclined to keep working out and eating well because it’s absolutely freezing outside. Staying inside and vegging out sounds a whole lot easier right?

This time of year is great because we can to reconnect with family and friends that we may not have been able to see all year, but it can be hard to balance enjoying their company, while still maintaining your exercise and eating habits.

It’s also hard to explain why you’re not loading up on Christmas cake or casserole like everyone else – especially when you try to tell your friends and family why you’re eating a certain way and they all suddenly turn into expert nutritionists! You know who they are…

And having lived in London for a number of years, I know that getting out to go for a run is pretty much impossible (and also not very appealing) if it’s freezing or snowing where you live.

Maintaining balance can be difficult and I’m sure a lot of you can resonate with trying to juggle this all while still spending quality time with your family.

So that’s why my gift to you all – you’re welcome – is a BONUS episode of The PCOS Nutritionist podcast all about surviving the holiday season. We’ll cover everything when it comes to holiday food, fitness, travelling and how to tackle those awkward “why aren’t you eating that?” conversations.

This episode is for you if:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed about how you’re going to maintain balance over the holiday season
  • Worried about what those around you will think of your body or how you’re eating
  • The holidays tend to be a big blowout for you when it comes to eating food that doesn’t serve you
  • Are trying to figure out how to fit exercise in over the holiday season

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • My 3 non-negotiables for the holiday period
  • How to maintain balance over Christmas and New Years
  • My tips for staying on track while travelling
  • How to tackle the family Christmas dinner when you can’t eat anything
  • What to say in those difficult conversations about what you are and aren’t eating

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