26: What supplements do I take to help my PCOS symptoms?

To a lot of you, I’m sure your PCOS diagnosis left you thinking ‘okay, now what’?

Visiting the doctor, specialists, the OBGYN – everyone just tells you to either go on the Pill or that there’s nothing they can really do about it, so you just have to deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast or following me for a while, you’ll know that the above simply isn’t true – the Pill doesn’t fix PCOS it just puts a band-aid on some of the symptoms and while there isn’t a clear cure for PCOS, targeted lifestyle changes have been found to make a huge difference for so many women!

Where things get a little confusing – for both people dealing with PCOS and even those without it – is supplements. They’re sold pretty much everywhere and everyone is talking about them. So with hundreds of different superfoods, vitamins, mineral supplements and powders on the market, how do you know which ones are worth investing in?

I’ve had a crazy amount of questions about supplements and which ones to take if you have PCOS. 

In this week’s episode, I’m talking you through everything to do with supplements. What supplements even are, what types there are, what they do in our bodies, my go-to’s, the supplements I stay away from and I’ll answer the age old question…

“What supplements do I take to help my PCOS symptoms?”

If you’ve been wondering what and whether supplements will help your PCOS symptoms and you want a bit more direction, then definitely listen in to this week’s episode. It might save you from wasting your time and buying a couple hundred dollars worth of supplements that may not actually do anything!

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re already taking supplements but aren’t sure if you have the right ones
  • You’re often fatigued and/or sick
  • You want to know a little bit more about how supplements work in your body
  • You aren’t clinically deficient in vitamins and minerals but you’re still feeling the symptoms of a deficiency
  • You’re wondering whether the superfoods and supplements that people are raving about online are actually going to do anything
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the choices of products

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • The types of supplements there are and what they mean
  • What supplements help PCOS
  • What supplements have a negative effect on PCOS symptoms
  • Food vs. Supplements – what’s more effective for vitamin and nutrient absorption?
  • Inflammation
  • How IBS symptoms affect your how well your supplements work.
  • My go-to and stay-away-from supplements

If you want some help understanding your PCOS root cause, learning about what supplements will actually make a difference when it comes to that root cause and want to know how you can put your symptoms into remission, then come join us in The PCOS Protocol.

We’ll guide you through all of the changes you need to make in order to feel in control of your PCOS and get back to what’s really important to you!