89: Getting back into routine after ‘slipping up’

What do you find the hardest about tweaking your lifestyle to best suit your PCOS?

Maybe keeping the lifestyle changes up when you’re stressed is really difficult for you or you struggle to get back into routine after ‘breaking your changes’. Or maybe you have a hard time with creating balance rather than being all or nothing. Maybe you just feel guilty for the times where you are just allowing yourself to enjoy foods that aren’t the best for your PCOS.

Everyone talks about WHAT to do but no one talks about HOW to actually implement those changes.

The good news is you’re not alone.

My lovely colleague Sophia and I put a question box out on instagram the other week about the topic of habits changes. We spent a whole hour answering your questions on the podcast a couple of weeks ago and we still had so many more questions to cover so we wanted to continue the conversation about how to actually make the changes.

It can actually be really tough to implement changes into your lifestyle without feeling this massive weight on your shoulders about being perfect, not slipping up, feeling like you’re the only one doing this and everyone will think you’re being difficult and feeling really awful about yourself when you ‘fall off the wagon’.

The truth is, there is no wagon. We shouldn’t have to feel like we have to be perfect to be successful with our changes and if we aren’t we’re automatically a failure. But it can be pretty damn difficult to not let that little voice in your head tell you otherwise.

I really want to continue this conversation because I don’t think the implementation side of making lifestyle changes is talked about enough. 

If you’re struggling with this and feel like you need guidance on not only what to do but also how to implement changes effectively, then come join us in The PCOS Protocol. We have an awesome community of women who get what you’re going through and we help guide you through making lifestyle changes, without that intense all or nothing approach.

This episode is for you if:

  • You feel guilty when you eat ‘off plan’ because you feel like it’s ruining your progress
  • Tracking macros, portions and food isn’t something you want to do because it’s triggering to you or you have a history of dieting and disordered eating
  • You struggle to get ‘back on the wagon’ when you slip up
  • Stress makes you slip up with changes
  • Your job and lifestyle is quite stressful
  • Even though you don’t want to you and you know it’s not great for your root cause, you find yourself getting ubereats or takeaways because it’s ‘easier’
  • You struggle to say ‘no’ to some foods

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Feeling guilty for the times where you do enjoy food that’s not the best for your root cause
  • Dealing with the blood sugar rollercoaster
  • Not wanting to track macros and everything you eat
  • Struggling to say no to foods you’d usually say yes to
  • What to do if you’re struggling to stick with changes for more than a few days
  • Dealing with the convenience of takeaways versus making something that’s good for your root cause
  • Getting back ‘on track’ after a planned ‘cheat’
  • How to manage your lifestyle changes in periods of stress
  • Picking yourself up after slipping up with your lifestyle changes

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