88: What to do if you’ve been told there’s nothing you can do for your Lean PCOS

You’ve likely heard one of the key symptoms of PCOS is weight gain. But what if you don’t have weight gain with your PCOS? I’d be a millionaire if I had a dollar for everytime someone with lean PCOS told me their doctor or specialist said they ‘don’t look like they have PCOS’ because they aren’t overweight. The really frustrating thing is that PCOS really is viewed like a ‘fat girl syndrome’ and the approach for Lean PCOS people usually goes something like this:

You don’t look like you have PCOS (because you’re lean) so don’t worry. There’s nothing you can really do differently since weight isn’t an issue (so these symptoms are kinda just the way you are and you have to deal with them). Take the Pill, come back when you want to get pregnant. 

Not only is this not true (there are absolutely changes you can make for your symptoms regardless of weight) but it also really invalidates the symptoms you’re dealing with – which is the whole reason you went to see your doctor in the first place! Being told your symptoms are just ‘the way you are’ because weight gain isn’t an issue and that there’s nothing that can be done is a massive slap in the face. 

Regardless of if you have lean PCOS, no one should feel like their symptoms aren’t valid. Period.

This was the case for today’s guest, Rachel, who was having trouble with her symptoms but wasn’t given any advice because she didn’t fit the typical ‘overweight PCOS’ mould that many doctors are used to seeing. If you have a ‘do-er’ get sh*t done attitude like Rachel does, you can understand why she wasn’t satisfied with this answer. But if you have lean PCOS like her, you’ll also understand the struggle of not being able to find reputable information on how to manage lean PCOS because there is a lot of focus on weight. She struggled with not being able to understand why she was getting all of these symptoms because she didn’t resonate with the weight gain that much of the information out there on PCOS focuses on. 

After understanding her root cause, Rachel got her first period back in months, had more energy, was sleeping better and felt much less bloated. It’s been so amazing to see the shift in Rachel after helping her understand WHY she’s getting these symptoms and what she could do about them – especially after feeling extremely lost after being diagnosed and not being given any direction.

If you’re struggling with lean PCOS and you feel like this is just the way you are – it isn’t! Have a listen to Rachel’s episode and I guarantee it’ll change your whole perspective on lean PCOS.

This episode is for you if:

  • Weight gain isn’t an issue for you
  • You’re dealing with hangry attacks, sugar cravings and blood sugar crashes
  • Doctors have told you that because you don’t have weight gain, you don’t fit the PCOS mould and there’s nothing you can do for your symptoms
  • You have an irregular cycle or have been without a period for months or years
  • Low energy, struggling to sleep and fatigue are big symptoms of yours
  • You often feel bloated
  • Researching online about lean PCOS has gotten you nowhere and you struggle to find information about lean PCOS
  • You know you’re insulin resistant or suspect you might be

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • How you can have lean PCOS and insulin resistance
  • Finding a community of women who ‘get it’
  • Why your period is irregular, what that means and what to do about it
  • The information landscape for people with lean PCOS
  • Fatigue and energy
  • Not getting help from your doctors because you’re lean
  • Feeling lost with your PCOS diagnosis

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