95: PCOS, ovarian cysts and cystic ovaries — no they’re not all the same thing!

Ever heard someone say the following…

“My PCOS got so bad, a cyst burst! I had to go to the ER”

“PCOS is so painful, when I do get my periods, they’re so bad”

“My doctor/OBGYN/specialist said my ovaries had cysts but I don’t have any PCOS, I guess I just have a mild form?”

… or something similar?

But did you know that PCOS, ovarian cysts and cystic ovaries are all DIFFERENT things?

If you said no, don’t worry! I’ll admit, when I was first understanding the world of PCOS, I didn’t know there was a difference either.

You can have all three, a combination of two of them, just one of them or none at all. But time and time again, I hear people confusing them. If we don’t understand the differentiation between them, we can end up down a rabbit warren of doing things that aren’t actually best serving us.

I know they all sound very similar, so you’re probably wondering where the differences lie! Well, I’ve decided it’s about time I sit down and record an actual episode about the difference between PCOS, cystic ovaries and ovarian cysts. So that’s what today’s episode of The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast is all about! I’ll be going through the definition of each of these issues, the differences, the similarities and what to do next.

So the next time you hear someone getting confused, direct them to this episode! Dealing with PCOS alongside ovarian cysts? Confused on whether you have PCOS or just cystic ovaries?

Before going and making any lifestyle changes, you want to be sure you’ve got the right diagnosis. While we can’t do this for you, we can help you understand if what you’re experiencing is in fact likely PCOS — and when you’ve had a proper diagnosis, you can come join us in The PCOS Protocol

That’s where we help you to determine YOUR root cause and the lifestyle changes that will directly address it, so you can get on top of those nasty symptoms you’re dealing with.

This episode is for you if:

  • You haven’t been diagnosed but wonder if you have PCOS
  • PCOS ‘gives you pain’
  • You’ve had to go to the ER because a cyst burst
  • An ultrasound has shown cystic ovaries but you haven’t been diagnosed with PCOS
  • You didn’t know there was a difference between PCOS, cystic ovaries and ovarian cysts
  • You aren’t sure if you have PCOS, cystic ovaries or ovarian cysts, one of them or a combination of all three

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • What PCOS is
  • What ovarian cysts are
  • What cystic ovaries are
  • Why all of these are different — even though they sound very similar
  • What the similarities and differences are between PCOS, cystic ovaries and ovarian cysts

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