Deep Dive in 5: PCOS experts answer your personal questions

Do you have a burning question about your health or lifestyle in regards to your PCOS? Is it super specific, and you just don’t know how or where to look for the information?

We are all so different when it comes to our PCOS, and while navigating life with this condition is already overwhelming, having a personal issue can often leave us feeling unsure about where we stand, what’s right, and what’s wrong!

That’s why we offer our ‘Deep Dive in 5’ service, so expert advice is accessible for everyone within the Ovie app.

In this podcast, we cover questions on:

  • Fertility and ovulation with PCOS
  • Specific dietary requirements
  • Weight-loss drugs and how to manage weight when coming off them
  • Supplementation
  • Coming off the OCP (oral contraceptive pill)

Don’t be left guessing about your PCOS; let our team, with 10+ years of experience specialising in PCOS, do the figuring out for you!

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