Delphine’s Amazing Mindset Shift

Delphine has experienced an incredible shift in her mindset upon completing The PCOS Protocol. After developing a negative relationship with her body from a young age Delphine has made an inspiring transition towards accepting her condition and feeling good about who she is. Delphine shares how she been able to overcome toxic thought patterns caused by dieting and achieve a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

This is such a crazy thing! I am actually not sure where to start. When Clare asked me to write my story I just couldn’t believe it. It felt like “really, me ?”. But then I paused and actually realised what she meant.

I guess I need to tell you more about my younger self so that you can appreciate my journey.
Long story short, I was taught at a very young age that my body wasn’t acceptable and nobody would ever love it. I was put on my first diet age 10 although my weight was absolutely perfect. Most of my life my weight was monitored by my mother and still would be. It was like a math equation : Lose weight= look slim = be loved.

From then on my weight fluctuated. Up and down depending on how long I could restrict/diet for and then just let go of it all to put it all back on again. A never ending cycle of failure and unhappiness. Over and over again.

After the birth of my daughter I was told I had PCOS. My lovely GP just explained that I had it. Nothing to worry about at all, all I had to do is to lose weight and I would be healthy or I could just carry on but be at risk of health problems. I left his office in disbelief. How was I supposed to lose weight when I had tried so hard and was just able to gain. How would I get better ?

When I met Clare I was truly stuck and at my lowest point. Although I had everything I always wished for. A husband, two beautiful children and a really happy life. I just couldn’t see how thing would get better as I could never be at peace in my own skin and had no idea how to become healthy.

When I look at my journey, I can’t believe how far I have come from. I have learned so much.

I am no longer defined by a bad day or a slip up.

It is actually ok to be me and to struggle. I have a long road ahead to unlearn my entire’s life lessons but for the first time of my life I actually feel compassion toward myself instead of guilt and self criticism.

A very big part of that work for me has definitely helped me ditch the scale. Don’t get me wrong I find it hard at times but it is also the most liberating thing I have ever done as I am no longer defined by a number on the scale.

With Clare’s help my entire focus has shifted to health and long term. One day at a time but everyday closer to it. Whatever sets me back (right now 2 unwell children, pouring rain and myself full of a sinus infection…) I am fully committed.

My PCOS symptoms have drastically reduced. I am no longer bloated. Like at all! Which used to really bother me as it was pretty extreme.
I am getting really regular period, my moods are way more stable. I also used to suffer from sugar cravings and those have drastically reduced.

Finally, I no longer feel like a zombie. I actually have energy which didn’t happen to me in years

And of course I lost some weight too.

All of those changes have actually spilt over my entire life. Which makes me very excited for the future.

Whatever life throws at us we now have the knowledge and support we need to become the better version of us. How empowering is that?

1. For me finding your website and joining The PCOS Protocol felt like finally there was a place where I could make sense of what was happening to me. I felt so isolated when I had my diagnosis and just didn’t have a clue what to do. Once I found all the information and started making changes I was able to let go of the diet mentality. No more I am starting on Monday it’s ok to eat whatever today. The sense of failure for not being able to stick with it is gone. Instead I found peace in making choices that are right for my body and my mind and I can’t believe how much it’s changed me. Discovering that freedom allowed me to accept that I have a condition and regardless of how long it will take I have to keep making changes. It won’t be easy. Some days aren’t perfect and my journey isn’t a straight line but I now focus on long term health benefits instead of quick fixes. Believe it or not I now live in the now instead of the past and future !

2. The Facebook group was a great motivator. Being able to share struggles and success and also witness other people experience definitely helped keeping strong when I needed it.

Can I just add that following the protocol has allowed me to start taking care of myself again. As a result I feel more confident and even started having date nights again with my husband all dressed up just because we can and why not !

This pic I felt so uncomfortable and down although we had the best summer I just hated the clothes I had to wear and was really down mentality.

This is my first selfie ! I am usually picture phobic so this was a big thing for me !! And I felt good!

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