Chantelle’s inspiring Protocol transformation

Chantelle is another inspiring woman, from The PCOS Protocol, who managed to successfully reverse her PCOS. Chantelle was suffering from acne, IBS and eczema and addressed the root cause of these issues by addressing her gut health. By utilising nutrient rich local food and gentle exercise, Chantelle saw the extra pounds caused by PCOS melt away. After experiencing incredible results from The Protocol Chantelle is now enjoying a healthier and happier life.

I found out I had PCOS when I was around 19 – up until then, I hadn’t seen my period and I had horrible acne. The diagnosis scared me! In fact, I remember laying on the table, getting the ultrasound when the insensitive lab technician blurted out ‘WOW”, while examining and measuring my ovaries. When I tackled him about his response, he only responded with a question “have you ever had children?” When I responded no, he just shook his head and told me to get dressed. I cried uncontrollably when I got home, not understanding the meaning of it all.

When I went back to my gynaecologist, she explained that I had PCOS. I was lean, so the advice wasn’t to lose weight. I was just put on birth control for the acne and to get a monthly bleed. I wasn’t given any other information. As the years passed, I developed IBS, eczema, and had thinning hair. My anxiety levels were high!

I stayed on birth control until around 4 or 5 years ago when my husband and I decided to have children. After a year of no periods, I went to a fertility specialist. We got pregnant after just 2 rounds of clomid at the lowest dose. We were excited but the pregnancy was difficult and I was constantly ill. My blood pressure went up and I would spot frequently. I eventually went on bed rest at 16 weeks, and after a failed cerclage, had my miracle son at 30 weeks.

After having my son, I was assaulted by acne and weight gain. I also had consistent stomach pains and IBS, which I just could not explain. My days were spent at the gynaecologist and the gastroenterolist to get to the root cause of my issues, but they offered no solutions besides birth control and antacids. I was also constantly tired, stressed and anxious. I had eczema and troubles with ingrown toenails. I experienced heart palpitations frequently. My hair was falling out, and while I was still considered “petite” I was gaining a lot of weight around my middle and hips. In January 2017, I was 143 lbs (I’m 5″2) with a waist measurement of 35 inches (at my narrowest!) and 45 inch wide hips! I was unhappy with my body, mood and mental fog.

I went on a relentless search for answers online, when I stumbled on Clare’s website. Clare was the first person I encountered who spoke so pointedly to the link between gut health and PCOS. I knew this Jamaican gal had to get a hold of her even though she was on the other side of the world! I signed up for her services in August 2017 and never looked back!

The hardest part of the protocol was exercise!! Ugh! I hated moving – and as a busy full time corporate manager, and mom, I just didn’t find time for it. I don’t think I’ve fully overcome the challenges, but Clare guided me through small achievable milestones which helped me to stick to it.

The easiest to follow was the diet change. For many, it may be the hardest part about the protocol, but Clare’s step-by-step plan is a slow weaning process. I live in Jamaica, and Clare took the time to understand the indigenous foods here to guide my diet. I eat from the earth. I still enjoy every Jamaican dish under the sun and quickly realized, that if I had just eaten the foods that naturally grow here, in season, I wouldn’t have caused myself so much pain.

I appreciate so much that Clare made eating painless for me, pointing me to all the richness of my own Jamaican culture and diet that helped to heal me! It was also easy for me because of the almost immediate effects on my gut health. No more stomach pain or IBS almost immediately after cutting out the inflammatory foods! That was the most significant for me. The second most significant was how quickly the extra pounds melted off, with very little exercise (I was only doing light yoga at the time).

Everything has been reversed! I no longer have acne or eczema, I get my period EVERY month, my hair has stopped falling out. My IBS and pain are no more. My palpitations are gone (these may have been due to a wheat allergy!). I am no longer anxious. I am down to a svelte 119 lbs, with a 25″ waist measurement and 36″ hips – all of this in a 4 month period! I love the energy I now have!

In addition to this, my blood tests also told the story of my transformation. My hormone levels were all in the normal range! Clare took my final results and asked me to challenge my gynaecologist if I would meet the criteria as having PCOS. At my checkup earlier this year, he decided to ultrasound me. THERE WERE NO CYSTS.I didn’t ask him to formally “undiagnose” me, but based on the within-range blood tests and ultrasound report, I knew in my heart that I had beat this thing! My best friend, who is a gynaecologist, concurred – she is so proud of my results!

Everything has surprised me about my results from the protocol. I was ready for the long haul, but saw results within the first month! My coworkers and friends see the difference and all ask me what I’ve been doing. I share Clare’s info with everyone I know! It’s great seeing the people I love coming into wellness while partnering with Clare too!

I am so proud of myself for sticking to it! It’s motivating when you see results, so it propelled me on. I will never go back to the way I used to live. I am forever changed! Also, I am hopeful for a less stressful, full term pregnancy, if we ever decide to take a spin at it again. That’s somewhere in the future though – right now, I am just savouring my family and my health and taking things one day at a time.

My one piece of advice for anyone tentative about the program is “JUST DO IT”. You will not regret it. It is value for money – I have saved so much money by avoiding doctors visits, costly medication and junk food just by following Clare’s protocol. You will not lose!

Here a snippet of the podcast episode here.

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