Sarah’s heart warming pregnancy success story

All of my women are special, but Sarah’s story was especially emotional for me as I knew just what they had gone through over the past few years to try and conceive. So I was ecstatic when Sarah emailed to say that she was pregnant, after only 4 months of the PCOS Protocol!  It always amazes me how fast our bodies can respond to lifestyle change and I always see that periods and fertility are one of the first things to come back.  The thing was though, Sarah was already eating really ‘healthily’ and she was super active.  But it’s just that she needed to eat and exercise slightly differently to treat the underlying issues that were causing her hormone imbalance. I’m so super excited to see your little one Sarah! – Clare xx

I’m Sarah Samuels. I’m a teacher in London. I am from America originally, from South Carolina. I’ve kind of stuck around and it’s almost ten years now.

My journey started way back in 2013 when I came off the pill and I didn’t have any cycles for about three months. I’ve always been super athletic my whole life, and I never had regular cycles, which we just put down to me running like eight miles a day.

But coming off the pill in 2013, I not only had no period, but also acne, I couldn’t lose weight and I was tired all the time. That was when I went to the GP and found out that I had PCOS

I felt incredibly lost as they no real treatment plan for me. They just said:

“If you want to have kids then we’ll give you Metformin and Clomid. But then until then, you just have to stay on the pill.”

I just kind of accepted that until we got married in 2015. We started trying for a family immediately and it didn’t happen. Then it was 2016, and still nothing happened.

Finally in 2017 they gave me Clomid and that didn’t work, so the last option was IVF, but I really wanted to avoid that!

I spent so much time researching PCOS remedies and there’s so many articles, which is amazing, but a lot of them are conflicting. The problem for me, was that nothing really added up for me or gave me a treatment plan.

I explained this to my GP and their response was, “Well, that’s what women with polycystic ovaries struggle with. You might have weight problems and the answer is to stay on the pill.”

I also wasn’t just concerned about my immediate fertility, I wanted to make sure that I could have more than more one child and also that I was going to be healthy in the long term. I knew deep down that the pill was just a ‘band-aid’.

I’d tried acupuncture and every herb and supplement you can imagine that I had ever read could ‘help PCOS’. But nothing had any effect at all. I also had the glucose fasting test, and everything was within ‘normal range’ for that.

It just felt like we were reaching dead end after dead end…that was until I spoke to Clare.

Clare took a look at my tests and explained that while my blood glucose and HbA1c weren’t outside the medical reference range, they weren’t optimal.

She showed me all of the research on why my insulin was actually high and contributing to my hormones being out of balance and therefore not ovulating. She also explained that my stress hormones were also contributing and gave me a plan to address both.

I was so relieved to finally understand what was going on in my body. I’d been feeling so much guilt that maybe this was my fault for being on the pill for so long. So it was a huge weight off my shoulders to have Clare explain what was actually going on, and to give me a plan to address it.

Clare’s PCOS Protocol isn’t just diet changes, but was also what exercise I should be doing to address my high insulin and stress hormones, what supplements to take and other ‘lifestyle’ things I needed to do.

The first month was hard because it was quite different to anything I’d done before. At first I was like, “Oh, I’m never gonna be able to do this.” But then after, honestly, the second day I was fine!

After implementing Clare’s protocol, it took only 1 month for me to get my period, and then 4 months later I was pregnant completely naturally!

I also lost quite a lot of weight, and my energy levels were so much better (I felt like super woman!) and I wasn’t hungry all the time!

The protocol also helped our relationship tremendously. Starting a family is supposed to be a really exciting and lovely time, But when it doesn’t happen it’s very stressful. My temperature had to be taken in the morning and intercourse timed like clockwork.

PCOS pregnancy

But as I got my period back in the first month and it was finally regular (for the first time in my life!), we were finally just able to relax and enjoy the experience, knowing it would happen as I was ovulating.

So if you are in my position and trying to fall pregnant and trying everything under the sun, Googling everything, trying every exercise, every supplement, and nothing is working, my advice would be to just keep an open heart and an open mind.

Lots of women go through this, and you’re not alone; there are reasons and there are answers

Talking to Clare and doing her protocol, was amazing because I was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed, which you can’t find anywhere Googling.

Just to keep with it, and to try everything that Clare says.  It worked for me so it could work for you too.