101: Everything you need to know about being pregnant with PCOS: Learnings from my first trimester

It’s no secret now that I’m pregnant. I could only hide that bump for so long… although lockdown definitely helped me keep it a secret for the first trimester 😂 I know that for many of you getting pregnant with PCOS is a goal but I also know that some of you have managed to conceive! So you’ll be very interested in today’s episode of the pod.

No one really tells you what to expect when you actually get pregnant with PCOS, because so much of the focus is on getting you pregnant — but not what happens once you are.

It’s a whole different ball game, let me tell you (as my late second trimester self).

I thought it’d be great to give you a rundown of each trimester and my learnings from them — for those of you who are currently pregnant with PCOS, those of you who are trying to conceive and those of you who aren’t but plan to sometime in the future. And of course anyone else who wants to listen to my ‘being pregnant with pcos’ rambles!

I’ll be talking all things testing in pcos pregnancy, nutrition and navigating food aversions while having insulin resistance (ie. what the heck do I do if all I want is white bread and McDonalds fries?!), training while pregnant, what I wasn’t prepared for, gut symptoms in the first trimester, supplements and much more. 

And these are all things that I help patients navigate in The PCOS Protocol too (so if you’re needing help with your PCOS, even if you’re pregnant, jump in there)! It’s for anyone and everyone who has PCOS — I want to save you from wasting 10 years, thousands and thousands of dollars, tears and so much energy on trying to figure this all out on your own. 

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re trying to conceive and want to know what to expect with PCOS
  • You’ve recently found out you’re pregnant
  • You have no plans on being pregnant but you’re interested in hearing how my pregnancy is going
  • You want to know more about how insulin resistance impacts your PCOS
  • You are struggling with carb cravings and food aversions — and you want to know how to manage them while still staying on top of your PCOS symptoms
  • You’ve ever heard that you can’t exercise while pregnant
  • IBS and SIBO are things you’ve dealt with so you want to know how pregnancy in PCOS may affect your gut
  • Testing and what to get tested when pregnant with PCOS is something that interests you

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Blood testing in pcos pregnancy
  • Nutrition and navigating food aversions while having insulin resistance
  • Training while pregnant
  • What I wasn’t prepared for
  • Gut symptoms in the first trimester
  • Supplements I took in my first trimester

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