12: Treat your acne from the inside out

If you’re like me and think that in your late 20s, 30s and 40s, you should no longer have to deal with acne, then this week’s podcast episode is for you. 

As you’re probably aware, I’m a big fan of treating the root cause of any of our PCOS symptoms, naturally. But I’m absolutely not against the use of medications, I just think they should be at least alongside treating the root cause.  

I also think that you should be able to make an informed choice about how you treat your acne. We’re all adults and part of being an adult is that you get to choose what you want to do. But part of the decision making process is weighing up the pros and cons, and how are we to make an informed decision if we don’t have all the facts?  

So in this in this episode I cover off the conventional PCOS acne treatments, and in the interest of truly informed consent I’m going to give you the facts about how these medications actually work, their effectiveness, the pros and the potential long term effects.  These conventional treatments include:  

  • Roaccutane/Accutane
  • Spironolactone
  • Hormonal birth control 
  • Antibiotics

Then I’ll go into the more functional medicine based treatments i.e. treating the root cause of your high androgens (testosterone).  The most common being:

  • High insulin
  • High stress hormones
  • Overactive immune system/inflammation

BUT at the same time as doing this, topical treatments like face washes and creams can be really effective. While the first part of the acne formation process is the overproduction of oil, the second is the pores getting clogged and infected.  So if you can stop the infection, you can potentially stop the acne. This is where face washes and creams can come in very handy. 

But most of the conventional creams and washes are full of harsh chemicals. I’ve spent years researching and testing on my skin, more of the ‘clean’ beauty products. 

So for today’s episode, I’ve created a download of the tried and tested ‘clean beauty’ acne products that have worked for me or for my clients. 

One thing I forgot to mention in the podcast, that’s still very important, is: CLEAN YOUR STUFF! It doesn’t matter how good your face cleanser is if you’re sleeping on 2 week old pillowcases, or rubbing your face with your grimy makeup brushes. So this is your polite reminder to do some life admin tonight and clean your stuff.