13: Acne explosion…to acne remission. Is it possible?

Today on the podcast we’re continuing with our chat all about acne.

If you’ve suffered with acne, you’ve likely been blown off by multiple medical professionals.

Acne is certainly nothing to scoff at, especially not if you have debilitating painful cystic acne, or you’re getting it well after your teens.

And most importantly it can be the giant squawking canary in the coal mine telling you that there is something not right in your body.

This is exactly what happened to my guest this week, Erin. She shares her PCOS story, specifically her struggles with acne, what worked and what (definitely) didn’t work. But more importantly, she shares that in this process of fixing her acne, she found out that her insulin wasn’t functioning properly. If she’d not discovered that, she could have been on the path to Type 2 diabetes in a few years time.

Some of the key things that we discuss today are:

  • What hormonal birth control does to our insulin
  • Why the advice is not to diagnose girls with PCOS until at least after they are 16
  • Why it isn’t a good idea to go on hormonal birth control as a young teen
  • How insulin contributes to acne
  • Why being lean, definitely doesn’t mean your insulin is working correctly
  • Why Zinc can often work wonders for acne
  • Why the pill won’t ‘fix’ periods or acne- when you come off it, it comes back worse
  • Fixing your PCOS ‘root cause’ (in Erin’s case insulin), can work wonders for improving symptoms! 

If you missed it last week, I created a PDF of some of my favourite clean beauty products for acne. While acne needs to be treated from the inside (hello ‘root cause’), beauty products that stop the bacterial infection that causes the pustule can be a life saver.

P.S If you’re listening to Erin and thinking ‘hot damn, that program sounds exactly what I need!”, here’s all the info.

As a quick summary, it’s an 8 module program that we deliver to you over 12 weeks to make sure that you have time to implement it all. We start by identifying what’s likely contributing to your PCOS i.e. ‘root cause’ (like Erin’s insulin was). Then we give you the most important changes you can make to what you eat, and how you live to fix that ‘root cause’.

Any questions? Flick us an email at hello@thepcosnutritionist.com, we’re more than happy to help.