63: If I decide to do medical fertility treatment, what are my options? + MY BOOK RELEASE!

Before I get into the podcast for this week (which has been slightly delayed due to me having virtually no voice!), I want to talk about my book – today is the official release date of “Getting Pregnant with PCOS”! 

I’m beyond excited for you all to get your hands on it and read it. It’s been well over a year in the making – many late nights, a heap of research and editing, calls with the publisher and Amazon and lots of reviewing but it’s finally hitting the shelves!

The book is an evidence-based approach to treating the root causes of polycystic ovary syndrome and boosting your fertility. I cover everything you need to know about getting pregnant with PCOS and no, it’s not just talking about sex timing and ovulation. 

That’s obviously included but I want you to not only conceive, but have the healthiest pregnancy possible – rather than just scraping by and spending most of that 9 months eating pickles from the jar because you’re too exhausted to go grab a fork! I go over everything from understanding PCOS and how it affects your fertility; my 5 step lifestyle plan for a healthy pregnancy, child and you as well as troubleshooting if after all of that you’re still struggling to conceive.

I’ve worked really hard to make sure this is a really informative – but not boring – read for you all that provides you with some general advice around getting pregnant with PCOS, so I hope you absolutely love it! You can purchase it here – anywhere that has amazon will have access to order it!

Now back to today’s podcast! 

When it comes to fertility, I have the same stance as I do with birth control – it’s a very personal choice. There are so many things that influence our decision – especially on something as major as getting pregnant.

Regardless of what you choose, I want to make sure that you’re well informed on your options. Because when we’re informed about our options, we can have an educated discussion with specialists about what’s best for us. So in today’s episode, I’m going through medical fertility treatments so that you can understand a bit more about how these work so you can make an informed decision with your medical specialists and choose what’s best for YOU.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re trying to get pregnant but are struggling
  • Medical fertility treatment is what you feel most comfortable doing to conceive but want to know your options
  • You want to know more about fertility medications for PCOS
  • You’re tossing up a couple of options and want some more information
  • Your doctor has suggested that you do some kind of fertility treatment or take a medication to help and you want to know more before you agree to it
  • You’ve spoken with your doctors about fertility treatment but you feel like they didn’t have enough time to run you through your options

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Common Fertility Medications: Letrozole, Clomid/Clomifene, Metformin, Gonadotropins, Progestin, Immune Modulating Medications
  • Assisted Reproductive Treatments: Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In-vitro Fertilisations (IVF)
  • Surgery: Laparoscopic Ovarian Surgery (Ovarian Drilling), Bariatric Surgery
  • My book “Getting Pregnant with PCOS” which goes into detail about both the natural and medical ways of getting pregnant with PCOS and my 5 step lifestyle guide to managing your PCOS