Kellie-Anne’s stunning 20lbs in 12 weeks

I have always been the type of person who if they seen a pack of biscuits the weight would just go on, never mind the fact that I constantly wanted them and found it very difficult to stick to just having one or two.

Like many of you, my weight would fluctuate up and down ever since I hit puberty but I just thought that was normal. I have ranged at my heaviest from 13 stone 10lbs to 10 stone 7lbs. I managed to lose weight for my wedding in August 2015, but that was a year long battle with some success but not as much as I hoped. The real issues occurred in August 2016 onwards when I came off my marvelon contraceptive pill.

My wedding weight was 11 stone 5lb.  After that I put on a few ‘honeymoon pounds’ but nothing major.

However, the real weight gain happened after coming off the pill. My weight quickly climbed back up to 13 stone 10lbs and I was fed up.

I was trying to lose weight, I even had a personal trainer and was hoping to conceive but nothing.

In January 2018 I had had enough, I went to my GP and set out my case, weight on easily, low energy, constantly wanting carbs, periods were ranging from 28-90 day cycles and weight loss was a nightmare and I was going to the gym 3 times week to do weights and yoga.


I wanted bloods done to see what was happening. I had an idea it could be PCOS from research and suggested this to my GP to be told “I don’t look like someone with PCOS” as I didn’t have bad skin or excess hair.

I got the bloods done with hormones in the ‘normal’ range however I was told I had non alcoholic liver disease and would be considered pre-diabetic!


This was a shock but I received little to no help from my doctor.

I took it into my own hands as this issue didn’t answer the fertility questions and random cycles. I paid for a private internal ultrasound and received immediate images and confirmation of follicles on my ovaries.

I finally got diagnosed with PCOS which has since been confirmed by my fertility consultant.

The help I received regarding PCOS, NALD and prediabetic….zero. So I researched. I found a book how to reverse your PCOS symptoms and I found Clare and her website in February 🙂

This was it, finally someone who had been there, knew how to help and had clear, easy to find information. While reading the website I came across the protocol and the first cohort had started.

I discussed it with my husband and decided that The PCOS Protocol was something I was going to do no matter the cost.


This is a condition that there is no cure for but I knew I didn’t want medication if I could avoid it, and I needed to understand my body and work with it to heal rather than the constant battle of low energy and forced exercise which made no difference.

Clare opened a second cohort in spring and I haven’t looked back.

PCOS Weight-loss

I now know my type, what foods are triggers for massive energy slumps, which food keep me full and on a level blood sugar, exercise is now enjoyable and part of a routine not a drag to the gym.

Most importantly I feel that I am in control of my body and understand what and why things did happen and are happening now.

The change in mindset is key and the people closest to me have noticed the same as I am more positive, not as tired and much less stressed/grumpy.

Physically changes have been made as well. I no longer bloat up like a beach ball.

I have clearer skin, hair is starting to thicken again and has stopped falling out, my blood sugar level is normal

and I hope to get results from the doctor to say my liver has improved within the next few weeks.

I have lost 20lb in 12 weeks with my waist dropping from 96.5cm to 83cm.


My cravings for sugar have greatly depleted, even peas taste sweet now!  And as someone who could never just have one or two biscuits, this is massive.

My advice to anyone considering the PCOS protocol is look after you and your body.

You only get one and you need to work together to get a handle on the delight that is PCOS.

It may seem like a lot of money for an online course, but it is so much more than an online course

You gain a community of like minded woman who are going through the same or similar issues as you, they provide support, a laugh and great advice.

The information you will get from Clare is invaluable.

It is completely personalised to your ‘type’ and put you on the road to setting you up for a healthier, positive lifestyle as this is not a quick fix and not something that will go away without work and change.

Do it, you will thank yourself later.

Good luck xx