108: 5 Pregnancy Rules I’m breaking

Holy hecka — it feels like my pregnancy has flown by. I’m mere weeks away from meeting my baby girl! Postpartum will be a whoooole different ball game.

But in the meantime while I wait for her, I thought it’d be a great idea to unpack with you the 5 pregnancy rules I’m breaking.

Sure there are some recommendations we’re given that are genuinely really important but there are some that are extremely scientifically outdated and aren’t based on a great amount of decent evidence.

So if you’re curious to know more about how pregnancy with PCOS has been for me, what I’m doing and what I’m not, then buckle up and listen in! I won’t give too much away here 😉

I want you to remember though, that this is my choice based on my expertise. As an experienced registered nutritionist, exercise scientist and natural fertility expert, I’m well versed in the latest research as well as having the scientific understanding and rationale to weigh up these risks. I’m absolutely not saying you should go do the same (especially if you don’t have a background in this like I do), everyone’s situation is different. Make sure to chat to your OB, midwife/CNM and GP about what’s best for you.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re currently trying to conceive
  • You are pregnant — and are curious about other people’s PCOS pregnancy journeys
  • You’ve heard all of these pregnancy recommendations but you wonder how much truth there is to them
  • You’re insulin resistant or think you might be

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Unpacking the nutrition guidelines for pregnancy and how they relate to PCOS
  • Supplementation recommendations in pregnancy (and the ones I’m not following)
  • What my exercise looks like while pregnant and which exercise rules I’m breaking
  • ‘Eating for two’

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