Is post pill PCOS a real thing?

So apparently, post pill PCOS is not a thing (according to the research anyway!).

However, this is very different to what I see clinically.

Post pill PCOS is when you didn’t have any PCOS symptoms before going on hormonal birth control and now after coming off it, you’ve suddenly got all these symptoms!

It’s been a frequently requested topic on the podcast, but one I’ve shied away from because there isn’t any research.
Unfortunately, research can sometimes be slow to catch up with what’s happening in real life and it requires researchers to ask the right questions i.e. could hormonal birth control be a trigger for PCOS?

Instead, I’m going to tell you about what I’m seeing clinically and that is that post hormonal birth control PCOS symptoms are a real thing. It’s not as common as many people think, but it is still happening.

In this podcast we’ll be diving into:

  • What is it, and is it even a thing?
  • Is there any research on it?
  • What I see clinically
  • What the treatment options are
  • And more! 

This episode is for you if: 

  • Think you may have post pill PCOS
  • Noticed new symptoms that only started once you came off hormonal birth control
  • Are interested in whether post pill PCOS is a real thing
  • You want to know if its not post pill PCOS, what else could be at play?

Additional information: 

  • See Stephanie’s Story here to hear a real life case study. Stephanie is a perfect example of post pill PCOS!  I know Stephanie personally and I knew her before she went on hormonal birth control. I knew that she did not exhibit any signs or symptoms of PCOS. Perfect periods. No hirsutism, acne, weight gain or any other symptoms of PCOS! However, after being on hormonal birth control (for less than 5 years), when she came off she had really irregular cycles and fertility challenges that led her to be diagnosed with PCOS. 

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