Bye-bye Bloat: Tips and Tricks for a Happier & Healthier Gut!

I remember sitting in St. Davids lecture theatre at Otago university (IYKYK), eating my Vogel’s sandwich (packed lunch from the hall of residence of course), trying to concentrate on the lecture but having the most intense bloating pain.

My stomach was so hard and bloated that I had to undo the top button of my jeans and was almost doubled over in the lecture theatre, crippled with pain.

This was my first vivid memory with bloating and luckily for me, I was able to resolve this in a few years.

But for many of you that’s not the case and you’re still suffering from crippling bloating that affects every part of your life. In a study of over 400,000 women with PCOS globally, they found that over 70% of people with PCOS reported bloating that is not attributed to their cycle or what they’ve eaten.  This was the most common symptom by far! 

In this podcast, I am interviewing one of my colleagues, Charlie, who has had a long history of bloating that has taken her many years to resolve. When it comes to bloating – she has seriously tried it ALL.

I ask her all the nitty gritty about what bloating really is, what causes it and what we can do about it, today!

If you’ve been told, “You’ve got IBS, sorry, there isn’t much we can do for you”, then you need to listen to this.  You’ll learn that there are many causes of bloating and IBS, and many ways to treat your root cause.

In this podcast we’ll be diving into:

  • What actually is bloating 
  • The most common causes
  • Practical tips you can use to help manage and prevent bloating, today!
  • Further testing, if needed 
  • And much more!

This episode is for you if: 

  • You are so bloated that by the end of the day, you can no longer fit in your jeans
  • You want to learn simple and easy tips to help with bloating 
  • You feel like your doctor isn’t listening to you or is being dismissive about your IBS or gut symptoms 
  • You want to know about what can cause bloating and see if this helps to determine your root cause
  • You feel like you have to plan every day around what you’re eating because you’re always bloating or reacting to your meals

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