49: Sciencing the shit out of PCOS with Dr Stephanie

The more time I spend working with women with their PCOS, the more and more it becomes apparent that regardless of your medical knowledge you can still struggle and not have all the answers.

In this episode, I’m combining my knowledge with physician and past PCOS Protocol patient (and a current member of our Lifer’s group), Dr Stephanie and we’re absolutely sciencing the shit out of PCOS.

Stephanie is an absolute powerhouse – she’s a family and primary care physician as well as being a teacher to young doctors and medical students AND spends time helping in ICU and with in-clinic minor surgeries. She’s got more than 10 years of practical medical experience and yet she continued to struggle with those PCOS symptoms we all know too well. 

You’d think with the crazy amount of medical experience she has that she’d have all the answers but there were still things going on in her body that she just couldn’t get to the root of and in addition she had some additional chronic health issues that just compounded those awful symptoms. 

Luckily, with both her and my combined knowledge in our areas of expertise, we were able to tease out the real drivers of her symptoms and help her start to get on top of her symptoms.

Working with Stephanie has been such an amazing experience because it really gives insight into PCOS from a doctor’s perspective, opens us both up more to discourse around how PCOS is treated and why it’s not just a matter of seeing one doctor or practitioner to help resolve your symptoms and how to navigate addressing your PCOS.

Get ready, because we absolutely science the shiiiiiit out of PCOS in this episode – we talk all about her journey with PCOS, her medical school experience, her other conditions, her thoughts on the medical treatment of PCOS versus the lifestyle treatments, who to see for what issues and her advice for talking to doctors when it comes to PCOS management.

This episode is for you if:

  • You have weight struggles and have for a long time
  • You’re a medical practitioner of some variety but you’re still not able to figure out how to tackle your PCOS
  • You feel like your doctor isn’t providing you with the help you need
  • You’ve been told you need to lose weight – even though you’ve already been trying really hard to
  • You know you have insulin resistance or you think you have insulin resistance
  • You’re taking or have been suggested to take Metformin
  • You have more than one medical issue in addition to PCOS
  • You’re bloods come back fine but you know you’re not fine

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • Why PCOS needs a name change
  • What someone should do if they’re struggling because they’re doctor isn’t helping them with their PCOS
  • Why one practitioner won’t be able to give you all of the answers
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
  • What’s considered an irregular cycle and how you can still have an irregular cycle if you get a bleed the same time every month
  • Dealing with giving your patients advice as a family physician when you’re still struggling with symptoms yourself
  • Not getting taught enough about PCOS at medical school

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We’ll guide you through all of the changes you need to make in order to feel in control of your PCOS and get back to what’s really important to you!