80: What you can do about your fertility when your doctors say you ‘just have to keep trying for a year’

When you’re diagnosed with PCOS, you’re told that there’s not much you can do except go on the Pill and come back when you want to get pregnant. So when you do want to get pregnant, you go back to your doctor or OBGYN and they say those 5 words that you so don’t want to hear: “Keep trying for a year” and then they’ll look into it afterwards (which is usually code for fertility drugs and treatment).

But what if you don’t want to wait a year? What if you want to get your body healthy, functioning well, you want to understand if and when you’re ovulating? What if you don’t want to have sex every day or every other day for the sake of trying to conceive (because that’s freakin’ exhausting!)? What if you’re doing ‘everything right’ and still not conceiving?

I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to wait. The year will pass regardless – so are you going to wait around not knowing what the root of the problem is or are you going to put yourself first for once and invest in understanding your cycles, your root cause and the changes you need to make to not only get pregnant, but have a healthy pregnancy.

That’s exactly what today’s guest did! Cindy, a Buffalo, New York native, had been trying for months to conceive and when nothing was happening, she expressed her concerns and was diagnosed with PCOS. But then what was she to do about that and getting pregnant? “just have to keep trying for a year and then we’ll look into it”. 

Cindy didn’t want to wait around for a year. COVID lockdowns put a stop to her being able to do much in terms of seeing other fertility specialists, so being the do-er that she is, she took matters into her own hands and dove into The PCOS Protocol to understand her root cause and her cycles to figure out what was stopping her and her husband from conceiving.

As you’ll hear in the episode Cindy conceived a month before they were supposed to go in to see the fertility specialists for treatment and is 36 weeks at the time of recording. Helping couples conceive never loses its excitement if I’m being honest! 

And it’s so possible. PCOS doesn’t equal infertility, it’s a condition of ‘sub-fertility’. What we need to do is figure out what isn’t quite working so that we can implement changes to fix that and ultimately help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby.

I’m suuuuper excited to share this episode with you. If you’ve been trying to conceive, you’re dealing with continuing and rapid weight gain and you actually want to have energy to get through the day, you’re going to love this episode.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re trying to conceive and struggling
  • You don’t want to wait for a whole year of trying to conceive
  • You don’t really want to do fertility treatment
  • You have insulin resistance or think you might
  • Your cycles are irregular
  • You want to work on your root cause while doing fertility treatment
  • You don’t sleep well and you’re always tired

Some things we cover in this episode:

  • How stress can impact your PCOS
  • Fertility, progesterone and tracking your cycle
  • Why you don’t have to just keep trying for a year
  • Why OPKs don’t work
  • Sleep issues and your root cause
  • Working on your root cause while doing fertility treatment

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